Sunday, August 9, 2009

Twitspiration: Vision

Sunday, August 9, 2009

So, today is all about VISION: Twitspiration-style!

Earlier this week @necolebitchie tweeted about having a vision board; many didn't know what it was and many shared theirs with all of Twitterville. And after speaking with @XIKhai about this, my interest about vision boards was sparked...

Some of you may not know exactly what it is or you may have one but just didn't known the name of it. So, I'll clue you in...A vision board is a collage of images, pictures and affirmations of your dreams and desires. It can also be called a dream board, treasure map or vision map. Vision boards are essentially another tool to help keep you on track with what's important you. Most people create vision boards yearly to map out their goals/affirmations for the upcoming year. And no two vision boards are the same. Yours will be different from mine, and your own vision boards may change from year to year.

Get inspired! Here are a few quotes to aid you in thinking about your own vision:

"Imagination gives you the picture. Vision gives you the impulse to make the picture your own." -Robert Collier

"Visualization is the key to creating Prosperity, Health, and Happiness." -Anonymous

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare." -Japanese proverb

"Visualize this thing you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint and begin." -Robert Collier

"Make sure you visualize what you really want, not what someone else wants for you." -Jerry Gillies

"Where there is no vision, there is no hope." -George Washington Carver

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight…but no vision.” -Helen Keller

"Your subconscious mind interprets your visualizations as to what you wish to receive." -Anonymous


Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." -Albert Einstein

Inspired yet?!

Vision boards are for those who are achievers and know the secret to success. Achievers seek resources that help inform, inspire, and enlighten them to accomplish their goals. But, what's a vision without action? "Action without planning is the cause of all failure. Action with planning is the cause of all success. Make great plans and follow through!" -@Director_Cherry

@XIKhai's vision board

Here are a few steps of how to create and personalize your own vision board:

1. Decide the main theme of your board. It may be based on something specific you wish to accomplish or obtain, or it may be a general idea of everything that makes you happy.
2. Find pictures that correspond with your theme, either from old magazines, photographs, or from the Internet.
3. Print (if necessary) and cut out your pictures.
4. Type or write some affirmations that correspond with your theme.
5. Glue your pictures and affirmations to your poster board and pin them to your cork board.
6. Hang your vision board in a place you will see every day.
7. View your board at least once a day, and focus on the objects, sayings and theme of your board.

A few more tips that may also help you:
-You may wish to place a picture of yourself in the center as it shows you being surrounded by the things you desire.
-Don't be afraid to change your board to reflect more specific thoughts or a new theme.
-Create your board whenever you deem it necessary.
I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me. My birthday is right around the corner and I think I'm going to do one for the following year. What better way to see your growth and goals accomplished as you get older each year. And I'll come back and share my vision board with my XI fam in October!

Share your vision with us! Tell us about your future goals and aspirations and how you plan to achieve them.

Here's one of mine: Take XI Worldwide side by side with my PIC, XIKhai, with the help of all our contributors (they were first in line for this thing and we truly love them). It won't be easy but through my hard work, sweat, tears and faith, this thing is definitely possible!

Follow XIKhai and IAMXI on Twitter: @XIKhai & @iamxi

xixi, Love ya!


Saturday, August 8, 2009


Saturday, August 8, 2009

If you're lucky enough to be a football fan for 5 or more years, you know the excitement of the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony every year. The immortalizing of a player into football's most distinguished society is a big deal. These players are hand selected by a team of experts, as having been the best during their time in the league and made such an impact on the league that they will be remembered in football history forever.

So with that HOF's Class of 2009

Wide Receiver Bob Hayes: Selected in 1964 by the Dallas Cowboys in the seventh round. Career stats include 7,414 receiving yards and 71 TDs. Born December 20, 1942 in Jacksonville, Florida. Died September 18, 2002, at age of 59.

Guard Randall McDaniel: Selected in 1988 by the Minnesota Vikings in the first round, 19th overall, 1988. Earned all-rookie honors. Started 202 consecutive games and 13 straight playoff games for Vikings. Blocked for six 1,000-yard rushers and five 3,000-yard passers during career. Named All-Pro nine consecutive times (1990-98) Selected to play in a record 12 consecutive AFC-NFC Pro Bowls (1990-2001) Born December 19, 1964 in Phoenix, Arizona. *Also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers"

Defensive End Bruce Smith: Selected in 1985 by the Buffalo Bills’ as the #1 draft pick overall. Considered one of the most dominant defensive players in NFL history with 200 career sacks is NFL all-time record. NFL Defensive Player of the Year, 1990 and 1996. Named to NFL’s All Decade Teams of the 1980s and 1990s . Selected to 11 Pro Bowls. Born June 18, 1963 in Norfolk, Virginia. *Also played for the Washington Redskins*

Linebacker Derrick Thomas: Selected in 1989 by the Kansas City Chiefs, 4th overall pick. Defensive Rookie of the Year. Led NFL with team record 20 sacks; including NFL record seven sacks in one game, 1990. Named to nine Pro Bowls. Accumulated most sacks in NFL during 1990s with a recorded 126.5 career sacks overall. Born January 1, 1967 in Miami, Florida. Died February 8, 2000, at age of 33.

Ralph Wilson, Jr: One of original founders of American Football League. During his tenure as the Buffalo Bills owner, they won two AFL Championships and an unprecedented 4 straight AFC championships. The Bills 103 regular season wins was the 2nd most in NFL during 1990s. Wilson helped lead the AFL through early years making tough decisions that were necessary for the league’s survival. In January 1965 he began talks with Carroll Rosenbloom, then owner of NFL’s Colts, that eventually resulted in AFL-NFL merger. Born October 17, 1918 in Columbus, Ohio.

AND finally my favorite of this years class, the man who's still a star among men...

Rod Woodson: Selected in 1987 by the Pittsburgh Steelers 10 overall first-round pick. 1993 NFL Defensive Player with a career 71 Intercepted passes. He is the NFL’s all-time leader in interception return yardage with 1,483. Earning All-Pro honors as cornerback, kick returner & safety he was named to 11 Pro Bowls. Born March 10, 1965, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. *He also played for the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49er's & won a Super Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens*


The 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony is LIVE on NFL Network.

details about each player provided by

INTERCEPTED: What's a Franchise QB Worth EXACTLY?

So my inbox has been FLOODED with emails from people asking me to weigh-in on the Eli Manning contract. Most of course want to get under my skin about the entire situation as if I'm seeing any of that 106 million, but I do LOVE it because people respect my opinion and want to hear from me. I however, decided in the end to let the contract stand on it's own and refrain from jumping into the fray, because I'm a better defender than one who rationalizes, and most people want some sort of explanation as if Manning's career thus far doesn't speak for itself. So why bother? I can't change anyones mind who doesn't agree with it anyway...

No sooner than I made that decision though late last night while on twitter, I ran across this article (below) written by Mike Garafolo of and NY Giants Beat Writer. Where it's clear he reached the end of his rationalization rope, as he sounded off in this piece of journalism genius.

The beauty of this article is that it explains the football intangibles (assets that come natural and can't be taught) Eli Manning possesses that separates the average QB's from the good/great QB's.

He's also quite annoyed and there's nothing more I love better in life, than a good ole fashion confirms that I'm not the only one fed up with the BS!

It also lets me know I need to stop holding back and let my journalistic creativity for sports news consider this the last time I hold my tongue on an issue I'm passionate about.

So for those who still have questions, comments, or know I love to hear them, ESPECIALLY the bad ones. A good 80% of sports journalism is about disagreement and healthy debate so don't hold back. This articles answers a lot but if you still disagree, as I'm sure 95% of you will in the end, I RESPECT THAT TOO and still LOVE YA!

"A more complete equation to calculate the value of NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning's new contract"

Mike Garafolo/The Star-Ledger Friday August 07, 2009, 11:05 AM

After seeing this and this, I can't take it anymore. I just can't. I have to add a few more questions to these equations in order to help everyone get a true picture of the value of Eli Manning's forthcoming contract.

But I'm going to need help calculating these questions, such as:

How much does Manning make per time he calms everyone else around him by being the "same old Eli" in a pressure situation?

How much for each time he's responsible for half of the greatest play in Super Bowl history?

How much for the big shiny ring - the generally accepted ultimate sign of a quarterback's worth? (That figure for the contracts for quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Drew Brees can't be calculated because you can't divide by zero.)

How much for every audible at the line that results in a long run?

How much for setting the proper protections, thus helping the offensive line prepare itself to pick up blitzes?

How much does he make per fourth-quarter comeback? (Actually, this one I can calculate. It's $5.7 million so far based on 17 comeback drives in the final period. An 18th comeback was courtesy of a defensive touchdown, so I'll leave that one out.)

How much for every dodged question from the media that could easily draw negative headlines if not answered with care?

How much for each receiver or tight end he's refused to show up after said players threw up their hands in disgust when he didn't throw their way?

How much per charitable appearance in the New York area during the off-season?

How much for every time he's bankrolled a dog-fighting ring?

How much for each time he earned his teammates' respect by telling Tiki Barber to zip it after criticizing him?

And finally, how many millions per million generated for the state of New Jersey through sold-out home games?

Let me know what you come up with. this needs to be said twice:
How much for the big shiny ring - the generally accepted ultimate sign of a quarterback's worth? (That figure for the contracts for quarterbacks such as Carson Palmer, Donovan McNabb and Drew Brees can't be calculated because you can't divide by zero.)

Friday, August 7, 2009


Friday, August 7, 2009

What's going on in training camp around the league. Check it out here, LOL! Can't say I don't help point you in the right direction. For now I'll tell you what's going on at NYG camp.

New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs(notes) (27) is covered by linebacker Bryan Kehl(notes) during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) (10) talks to wide receiver Hakeem Nicks(notes) during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) takes a break during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning(notes) signs autographs after practice during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree(notes) (85) blocks teammate DeAndre Wright(notes) during NFL football training camp in Albany, N.Y., Thursday, Aug. 6, 2009.

I am starting to feel the effects of true journalism...and I am exhausted.

DE Osi Umenyiora (knee) is beginning to show signs of just how hard this injury is to recover from. He didn't practice today.

DE Justin Tuck (foot) & DT Barry Cofield (knee) practiced today. G Rich Seubert (shoulder) was out as well.

WR Hakeem Nicks must have been waiting for autograph day and the biggest crowd of camp to make his biggest play of camp. He shined like the star he's destined to be today for the first time.

The 97.5 million dollar man QB Eli Manning has some good series today connecting long with both WR Steve Smith & WR Domenik Hixon on deep routes.

S Kenny Phillips continues to impress at camp. He picked off a pass from QB Rhett Bomar to TE Michael Matthews on a 15-yd out. I love this guy!

RB Brandon Jacobs still requires at least 3 or more people to take him down. Pierce, Tuck, Alford & of course Phillips combined to stop Jacobs at the goal line. Loves it!

S Michael Johnson & CB Aaron Ross played great coverage when they forced Manning to look away from a play to Steve Smith. And 2plays later Ross knocked away a pass intended to TE Kevin Boss.

Side note: Michael Johnson forgot that Eli was off limits as he made a sack on him during a play. Coughlin nearly ripped his head off.

The rest is from Mike Garafolo from


QB David Carr threw a deep post to Smith that hung up and was intercepted by S C.C. Brown. Carr's next deep ball was a beauty, though. And it was Nicks' first deep catch of camp. Gorgeous pass and a great catch past Brown. But BrowB David Carr had his first deep ball of team drills picked off. It was a dn came back later to knock away a pass from Carr to Nicks.

My crush on Nicks is ridiculous. Watching him play is much natural football ability for a rookie. Can't wait for the season the begin.

Carr later had a pair of TDs in red-zone drills: one to WR Derek Hagan in the back of the end zone and one to Boss at the 5-yard line. Boss trotted in untouched.

LB Chase Blackburn dropped RB Ahmad Bradshaw in a wide run during goal-line drills.
Good job by LB Zak DeOssie to fight off a blocker and make a stop. He made another stop on a run off the edge later.

Alford penetrated and got to Jacobs on a shotgun draw sweep.
In 1-on-1s, CB Terrell Thomas had a nice pass defensed on a fade from Bomar to WR Ramses Barden. Barden is another favorite to watch...somebody get me to Albany STAT!

Bomar delivered a nice ball deep to WR David Tyree, who had it go right off his hands, leading a couple of fans to yell, "Use your helmet." Tyree did use his helmet -- sort of -- when he picked the ball up and slapped it against his head in frustration.

DT Jeremy Clark came flying through for a sack of Bomar.


Okay, it's pretty clear LB Clint Sintim can lay the wood. He sized up Matthews during 9-on-7 drills and got in there to whack him and plug the hole. I think Matthews did a good job of simply holding his ground because Sintim had a head of steam coming in there.

LB Kenny Ingram has some pop, too. He jumped down there and plugged the hole on a few plays.

LB Jonathan Goff picked off a poor pass by Bomar in 7-on-7s and returned it for what would have been a TD.

Great ball by QB Andre' Woodson to Hagan up the left sideline. Hagan got on top of CB Stoney Woodson, who got no deep help, and never broke stride. Woodson was shaky in the red zone, though, as he fired well wide of his receiver on one play and turned the wrong way for a handoff on the next. At least he bounced back to lob a TD to TE Darcy Johnson.

RB Allen Patrick has to know ball security is high on coach Tom Coughlin's list. Patrick was running through the pack and maybe thought the play was over when DE Tommie Hill stripped him. Gotta hold that ball.

WR Shaun Bodiford made a nice catch on a comeback with Ross all over him during 1-on-1s.

Play of the day: WR Mario Manningham gave a little shimmy at the line to scoot right around CB DeAndre Wright and then ran a sideline route. He juggled the ball once and twice before grabbing it while falling out of bounds.

* * *

One quick note: The Giants message board BBI handed out their 2008 MVP trophy to Jacobs after practice. Jacobs thanked the die-hards for the award. That's all I saw, as I had to cut out early to get to Coughlin's press conference. But if you head over to their site later, they'll have plenty of pics, vids and info, including shots of the gorgeous trophy.

* * *

And finally, here's my new favorite drill: the QBs drop back and hold the ball with both hands while QB coach Chris Palmer slaps at it. Something tells me Julius Peppers slaps harder. (Palmer's been known to read these reports, so this is a test to see if he's still checking in regularly.)

Tomorrow's practice starts at 8:35 and I'm getting up just to blog about it. Ow!

Fall 2009 Men's Fashion: The XI Way

Fellas, this one is for you!

It’s the beginning of August... The end of the summer is nearing and the autumn temperatures will be here before we know it. And so goes the fashion… It’s almost time to put up the whites and lighter fabrics and trade them in for darker colors and warmer, heavier textures. So, let’s switch gears and focus on men’s fashions for Fall 2009 season. "It's easy to beat the summer heat when you know fall is around the corner. And this fall is particularly exciting, due to all the fun product coming out. Color, fabrication, and unexpected nuances will bring the store to life this season" says Tommy Fazio, men's fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman in New York.

The main theme for this fall from designers and store buyers: Although we’re in a recession, quality, value, and especially personal style will not be sacrificed. In other words, you won’t see cheap, crappy-looking clothing in stores this fall just because the economy is bad; this year it’s all about classic, timeless investment pieces. Co-owner of Odin in New York, Eddy Chai, states "many people have reverted to a more conservative and practical approach to fashion, due to the economy. But you shouldn't have to sacrifice style to get value and timelessness." And that is the recurring theme that I’ve seen for Men’s Fashions this fall and well into the winter. Classic American design laced with the traditional style of the Brits and Frenchmen brings about tailored silhouettes and timeless structured staples. Whether you are a dapper businessman, an edgy motorcycle guy, or a rugged outdoorsman, there is something for every man this fall. "Fall 2009 is the season when men will turn to iconic items to convey their personal style. Men take comfort in the confidence that comes along with wearing strong pieces that define who we are to the outside world" says Tom Kalenderian, executive vice president for menswear at Barneys New York.

Let's go! I AM XI's suggestions for Fall 2009 Men's Fashion... (click images for bigger picture)

Opt for a relax-fitting, classic trench coat and/or a slim-fit, sturdy peacoat in black, charcoal gray, or tan. These two staples are definitely worth the money you would spend on them.

Left: BBlessing; Right: Rag & Bone; Bottom: Burberry

Left: Spurr; Right: Richard Chai

If you are a man who likes that edgier look, go for a subtle, structured fatigue jacket. The fatigue jackets in brown leather and gray suede pictured below will look very sharp when paired with jeans and a Henley tee for a weekend look.

Left: Gap; Right: Versace

Stay away from distressed motorcycle jackets especially with studs and puffer coats/vests in plaid and Fair Isle prints. These looks are extremely trendy and you just may get the side-eye from people if you showed up anywhere that’s not a motorcycle club or ski slope in these coats.

Top left: Moncler; Top right: Elizabeth & James; Bottom left: Bess NYC; Bottom right: Helmut Lang

There is nothing like seeing a man in a NICE suit! It just exudes confidence. Double-breasted suits are being shown for fall this year, which is a great alternative to the single-breasted suit. Keep the cut of the jacket fitted but not boxy, and keep the pant leg tailored and not overly tapered. Aside from your solid colors, black, charcoal gray and navy pinstripe are being revived this year as well. Also, try pairing your suit with a matching vest for added grandeur style. And remember: no cost should be spared when purchasing a classic suit, and seeking out a good tailor is a smart idea too!

Top left: Tommy Hilfiger; Top right: Versace; Bottom left: D&G; Bottom right: Aquascutum

Stay away from plaid and corduroy suits! One name comes to mind: Mr. Brown… Need I say more?!

Left: Kolar; Right: Our Legacy

Dark on Dark on Dark:
This is the season for dark colors. Gone are the days when you pair everything with white. How blah… Dark suit, dark dress shirt, and dark tie make this look oh so clean! The trick to making this look work: mix textures and fabrics, such as wool, flannel, brushed-cotton, and cashmere. And don’t just think blacks and grays, combine blacks with brown and blacks with navy. Once thought to be a fashion faux-pas, it is no more! These colors go very well with one another if done correctly.

Left: Ralph Lauren Black Label; Right: Ralph Lauren

Guys, this year’s blazers are multi-functional with added detailing for a crisper look. The blazers are sporting elbow patches, gold buttons, smaller flap pockets, and no lapels. Interesting, I know…but if you are a bit daring and want to try something different this fall’s blazer is for you. Some blazers also come with heavier, quilted linings for those very cold November nights, and some are reversible for 'more bang for your buck.' Herringbone gray flannel, corduroy (the jacket alone is fine), cashmere, and jersey-like wool are great fabrics to try these blazers on for size.

Top left: Michael Bastian; Top right: Moncler Gamme Bleu; Bottom left: Engineered Garments; Bottom right: Devoa

Plaid Dress Shirts:
Now, let me put my disclaimer on this first: I am not a fan of plaid shirts on anyone; dressy or otherwise. Gone are the days of the '90s and the red & black lumberjack, unless of course you are a lumberjack. HOWEVER, if you choose to wear plaid this season as a variation to the white, blue, and striped shirts: keep it very simple, sharply tailored, and subtle. These plaid shirts can be dressed up or down and when paired with a solid or downplayed tie, blazer or suit with the same color scheme, this look works.

Top left: Tommy Hilfiger; Top right: Michael Bastian; Bottom left: Tom Ford; Bottom right: Woolrich

But, DEFINITELY do so with caution. PLEASE do not go overboard; the plaid speaks for itself and it will become your main focal point.

Left: Paul Smith; Right: H&M/Urban Outfitters

Sweaters & Tees:
Now, you can never go wrong with a classic cashmere sweater. They come in a variety of colors and can be worn layered with a dress shirt or tee underneath. But, Henley tees are becoming an alternative to the V-Neck sweater. They are cooler, in a James Dean kind of way, and can be worn layered as well or alone.

Top: Bergdorf Goodman; Bottom left: Gilded Age; Bottom right: Dolce & Gabbana

Fair Isle sweaters..(*blank stare*)… Unless you want to look like Leave it to Beaver, be my guest. But, this granddaddy-print sweater can stay in cedar closet forever.

Left: Burberry Prorsum; Right: Benjamin Bixby

Your jeans should be straight-leg, relaxed-fitting, and comfortable. Jeans come in various shades and colors. Opt for the colors in dark black (never let the become faded), navy blue, gray, and khaki (everything you get from a Docker-style pant but in denim), in addition to your usual shades of blue. Also hot this season, laid-back distressed jeans that already look worn in.

Top left: Robert Geller; Top right: GUESS by Marciano; Bottom from left to right: Polo by Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Dsquared

Ok, MEN…Please, I repeat, PLEASE DO NOT WEAR SKINNY JEANS! AVOID skinny jeans at all cost! They are not the bizness nor will they help you get the bizness…well, unless you’re – XI doesn’t discriminate, we love everyone, but you get my point – I digress… this is not a good look…end of story, PERIOD. This is not up for debate, just don’t do it! And, really, what’s the purpose of saggin’ them?! It’s so corny! Stop it! It’s played. Jeans should FIT and should not be TOO baggy!

Top left: Marc by Marc Jacobs; Top right: Balmain; Bottom left: Oak (w leather insets); Bottom right: Givenchy

Overall, fellas, keep it classic with a slight edge but remember to stay true to your personal style.

**Each of these looks can be remixed with high & low-end pieces. As you can see, I pulled from 'very high-end' to 'middle of the road' to 'on a strict budget' stores and brands.**

Sources: GQ, Details,

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jason Campbell is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, for their August 10th issue. Ok am I the only one confused about this? No disrespect to Jason, but he's done as a player, and not because he isn't a good player. But the Redskins organization is the WORST!

BREAKING NEWS Donte Stallworth is SORRY! The end! I really can't say anything about this situation because I hate it, and how it has turned out, and I'm not changing my mind. He sucks and I feel sorry for the fans, players and Browns organization. Just disgusting!

The Tennessee Titans will honor former QB Steve McNair this season with No. 9 (his number) decal. I just want to cry for him again. Still so so sad!

If you haven't heard yesterday, Eli Manning was awarded a 97 million dollar contract (guaranteed money 97.5 million, however the total amount of the contract is for $106 million. POW! What's 15% of that Tom Condon? My agent senses are tingling...) with the New York Giants making him the current highest paid player in the NFL.

Have something to say about it please do so, I love a good verbal smackdown. So bring it!

Speaking of QB's being rewarded for their success in the league. Philip Rivers now wants a new deal...and I guess that's cool, but he shouldn't be looking for the same money as either Big Ben or Manning because...oops he has no SB rings and only 2 playoff wins. I'm not a Steelers fan nor a fan of Ben but the man is a great QB who deserved his deal as did Eli Manning. Rivers however, not so good luck with that...

Don't you just love BS Power Rankings...based off of ZERO information by so-called "expert" opinions.

BREAKING: New England Patriots Acquire Derrick Burgess

INTERCEPTED: Michael Crabtree Threatens to Sit Out Entire 2009 Season

How can this face contain such a ridiculous mind?

Rookie WR Michael Crabtree has taken his hold out to a whole other level today. The USA Todat, ESPN and other news organization are reporting that Micheal Crabtree is prepared to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter the 2010 draft if the San Francisco 49er's are unable to fulfill is contractual requests.
Crabtree fell to #10 in the NFL draft when the Oakland Raiders surprised everyone by drafting University of Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey at #7 over Crabtree.

As a result Crabtree is not commanding the money that he was expected to, and has up the ante in his demands.

From the USA Today:

A representative for 49ers draft pick Michael Crabtree told ESPN that the wide receiver is prepared to sit out the entire NFL season and re-enter the draft if he can't reach a contract with the team

"We are prepared to do it," David Wells, a cousin to Crabtree, told ESPN. "Michael just wants fair market value."

PFT reported earlier that a Crabtree insider said his agent, Eugene Parker, told the 49ers the 10th overall draft pick wanted more than the team is prepared to offer right now.

Wells told ESPN the 49ers' current position on signing Crabtree is "unacceptable."

"Michael is one of the best players in the draft," Wells told the network, "and he just wants to be paid like one of the best players."

Crabtree's slide to the 10th overall pick was a bit of a surprise. The Raiders have already signed the first receiver chosen, Darrius Heyward-Bey, to a five-year deal with $23.5 million guaranteed.

However in an update on the situation, Crabtree's agent is now distancing himself and his client from those statements in an effort to clear things up amist this bizarre and ridiculous situation.

Michael Crabtree's agent is distancing himself and his client from comments made by a Crabtree advisor to ESPN today.

Eugene Parker told AOL FanHouse that he has not told the 49ers that the 10th overall pick is prepared to sit out the season if he doesn't get a satisfactory contract.

"No comments have been made to ESPN or anyone else," Parker told FanHouse in a text message.

This young man needs to clean house and surround himself with people who have better self control than this. His reputation is on the line and will surely suffer if in faact he decides not to play after having been drafted in 2009.
Ask Jamarcus Russell what holding out does to a player...that dude still isn't right!
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