Monday, August 3, 2009

INTERCEPTED: Antonio Pierce Will Not Be Indicted...Burress Will

Monday, August 3, 2009

In not so surprising news...Sal Paolantonio of ESPN is reporting that the grand jury has voted against formally indicting New York Giants LB Antonio Pierce.

My assumption is that they have nothing to go on but the decision has been dragged out to create more of a distraction for the Giants and everyone involved.

His attorney, Michael Bachner, spoke directly with ESPN regarding the outcome.

I'm going to refrain from offering my true feelings on this one. But I'm happy that this will no longer be an issue for any ACTIVE Giants players. however is reporting that Plaxico Burress has been indicated on felony gun charges.

ESPN reports that receiver Plaxico Burress will be indicted on felony weapons charges arising from the November 2008 incident in a Manhattan nightclub, during which Burress accidentally shot himself with a gun he was toting in the waistband of his sweatpants.
The move means that Burress will, absent a plea bargain, face a trial.

No date has been set; his lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, previously has indicated that his calendar prevents him from being available until March 2010.

The next question is whether Commissioner Roger Goodell will suspend Burress indefinitely until the case is resolved and any jail term is served.

Two years ago, Goodell did just that with quarterback Mike Vick.

Words cannot describe how many times over I am THROUGH with this entire ordeal. SMH


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