Thursday, August 6, 2009

INTERCEPTED: Michael Crabtree Threatens to Sit Out Entire 2009 Season

Thursday, August 6, 2009

How can this face contain such a ridiculous mind?

Rookie WR Michael Crabtree has taken his hold out to a whole other level today. The USA Todat, ESPN and other news organization are reporting that Micheal Crabtree is prepared to sit out the entire 2009 season and re-enter the 2010 draft if the San Francisco 49er's are unable to fulfill is contractual requests.
Crabtree fell to #10 in the NFL draft when the Oakland Raiders surprised everyone by drafting University of Maryland WR Darrius Heyward-Bey at #7 over Crabtree.

As a result Crabtree is not commanding the money that he was expected to, and has up the ante in his demands.

From the USA Today:

A representative for 49ers draft pick Michael Crabtree told ESPN that the wide receiver is prepared to sit out the entire NFL season and re-enter the draft if he can't reach a contract with the team

"We are prepared to do it," David Wells, a cousin to Crabtree, told ESPN. "Michael just wants fair market value."

PFT reported earlier that a Crabtree insider said his agent, Eugene Parker, told the 49ers the 10th overall draft pick wanted more than the team is prepared to offer right now.

Wells told ESPN the 49ers' current position on signing Crabtree is "unacceptable."

"Michael is one of the best players in the draft," Wells told the network, "and he just wants to be paid like one of the best players."

Crabtree's slide to the 10th overall pick was a bit of a surprise. The Raiders have already signed the first receiver chosen, Darrius Heyward-Bey, to a five-year deal with $23.5 million guaranteed.

However in an update on the situation, Crabtree's agent is now distancing himself and his client from those statements in an effort to clear things up amist this bizarre and ridiculous situation.

Michael Crabtree's agent is distancing himself and his client from comments made by a Crabtree advisor to ESPN today.

Eugene Parker told AOL FanHouse that he has not told the 49ers that the 10th overall pick is prepared to sit out the season if he doesn't get a satisfactory contract.

"No comments have been made to ESPN or anyone else," Parker told FanHouse in a text message.

This young man needs to clean house and surround himself with people who have better self control than this. His reputation is on the line and will surely suffer if in faact he decides not to play after having been drafted in 2009.
Ask Jamarcus Russell what holding out does to a player...that dude still isn't right!


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