Monday, August 3, 2009

Macchiato's & Afternoon Papers

Monday, August 3, 2009 Auto sales get life from cash for clunkers program. Hmmmm

NY Times: A Bronx Woman has been arrested in the killing of a Holocaust Survivor. Her a$$ is grass if this is true. 6 Tips on Being Happier at Work *rolls eyes* Forced servitude never felt so FAKE! Katherine Jackson awarded full custody of MJ's kids.

If you watch WETV's hit reality 'Bridezillas' you know that there's something not quite right about the women featured on the show. I mean a little wedding jitters and lunacy is one thing, but some of them are just down right rude, violent and disgusting in their behavior towards their family and friends. Call it real or not but Racine from Bridezillas could be facing charges for parole violation based on her role on the show. And I can't help but laugh because I saw the episodes where she was featured and she was extremely mean and nasty to her fiance's mother.

Story here and check out the video below:

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