Thursday, August 6, 2009


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jason Campbell is on the cover of Sports Illustrated, for their August 10th issue. Ok am I the only one confused about this? No disrespect to Jason, but he's done as a player, and not because he isn't a good player. But the Redskins organization is the WORST!

BREAKING NEWS Donte Stallworth is SORRY! The end! I really can't say anything about this situation because I hate it, and how it has turned out, and I'm not changing my mind. He sucks and I feel sorry for the fans, players and Browns organization. Just disgusting!

The Tennessee Titans will honor former QB Steve McNair this season with No. 9 (his number) decal. I just want to cry for him again. Still so so sad!

If you haven't heard yesterday, Eli Manning was awarded a 97 million dollar contract (guaranteed money 97.5 million, however the total amount of the contract is for $106 million. POW! What's 15% of that Tom Condon? My agent senses are tingling...) with the New York Giants making him the current highest paid player in the NFL.

Have something to say about it please do so, I love a good verbal smackdown. So bring it!

Speaking of QB's being rewarded for their success in the league. Philip Rivers now wants a new deal...and I guess that's cool, but he shouldn't be looking for the same money as either Big Ben or Manning because...oops he has no SB rings and only 2 playoff wins. I'm not a Steelers fan nor a fan of Ben but the man is a great QB who deserved his deal as did Eli Manning. Rivers however, not so good luck with that...

Don't you just love BS Power Rankings...based off of ZERO information by so-called "expert" opinions.

BREAKING: New England Patriots Acquire Derrick Burgess


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