Sunday, August 2, 2009

Favorite Things: Beauty & Hair Edition

Sunday, August 2, 2009
fave beauty
Most people switch up there beauty game periodically. Some experiment, some follow the commercials and magazine trends, and others copy off their friends. I am a strange breed. I can fall into any of the aforementioned groups but I definitely have my list of things I can not live without. I NEED my faves. I live by these products! Let's share. I'll show you my list, if you show me yours. It's only fair..

Deep Sea Cosmetic Energizing Body Scrub and Relaxing Body Scrub - What can be better than dead sea salt mixed with aromatic oils? I can't vouch that it's authentic dead sea salt but it's a great scrub that leaves your skin soft and moisturized. In warmer weather, there's no need to use lotion after you shower with this scrub.

Aquaphor - The absolute best multi purpose product! I carry a mini tube with me at all times. Great lip moisturizer as well.

Moroccan Oil Conditioner and Leave-In Treatment - Just go buy it. It's not cheap but your hair will thank you. Recommended for thick, brittle, damaged or colored hair but works as a great deep conditioner for everyone.

Redkin Extreme Anti-Snap Leave-In Treatment- Great for hair that prone to breaking, splitting and snapping off. I recommend this to all those who frequent the Dominican hair salons. I love my salon but they are lethal with that blow dryer!

Ambi Soft & Even Creamy Oil Lotion - LOVES IT! I think it's sooo hard to find a good moisturizer. Especially in the summer. This is a light enough to wear in the summer but the lotion/oil mix packs enough moisture to get you through the cooler months.

Essie Punch Pink Nail Polish - Some may say I'm boring but I've rocked this color ALL summer! I love it. It's bright, fun, and it screams fun. I get compliments on it all the time.

Phytospecific Vital Force Cream Bath - Intense conditioner treatment that hydrates and restores the natural shine and bounce. Another pricey item but hey you're worth it!

Here's one more fave:

Allure Day Spa's Douceur Therapeutic Fruit Toner and Herbal Cleanser - I use this daily. GREAT stuff! The camphor mask is another goodie. It can actually be used to treat blemishes.

Ok your turn!


I am XI said...

GREAT list! I will be jotting some of these down and heading to the store! I've been looking for a salt scrub and I can ALWAYS use a deep conditioner! Thanks GStone!

Well, here are a few of mine:

Vaseline Intensive Care Cocoa Butter ENTIRE LINE!
-I use it all year long! Some may find it too thick to use in the summertime, but I love it year-round!

Biosilk Silk Therapy
-A lightweight oil that is great for your hair, no matter how your hair is styled. I use it when my hair is straight and when it's curly. It keeps my hair from being dried out! The smell is nice too!

Catwalk Curls Rock Curl Booster
-Whatever is in this aerosol can (I know, so not green!), is magical! It works well when I wear my hair naturally curly, and keeps the curls coiled after a few days without having to wash my hair every morning.

-I have to have 3 with me at all times! One on my nightstand, one in my purse/handbag/clutch, and one in my desk drawer at the 9-5. Some think it's too strong for the lips, but it's just right for me!

XIKhai said...

Beauty secrets yay! I live for this stuff. I think I'm a mixture of the same as well. But everyone has their own personal stash of products that just works for them and here's mine.

Since coming into my age of healthy organic living (cuz secretly I'm afraid the gov't is trying to kill us) phase. I'm gradually switching over to all natural beauty products.

L'Occitane carries all natural products to suit your body's every need. Currently I use their Organic Olive skincare line. The Organic Cleansing milk & the Toning facial mist...OMG! And for that once every other week deep exfoliating treatment, the Olive Face Mud is the truth!

For true moisture, I have some contenders but I only really trust Au lait body butter to keep my skin truly soft all day. Au Lait is a Scottish line of fine soaps, lotions & butters. Their lotions and butters are medium to heavy in texture which works well for either the summer or winter months.

Philosophy has a shower gel "Grace" that makes my skin feel like silk when I get out of the shower.

Carol's daughter is another all natural wonder slightly less expensive then L'Occitane, and her Sea Salts & Body scrubs are some of the best. My fav is Mango Melange.

For my hair I use the entire Redken Smooth Down collection. Which I dubbed their African American line, lol. The Smooth Down butter treat is the best eva...and I have YET to find something better for my hair. My hair is garbage without that stuff.

And for my workout ladies while I fight with my hair on the daily. I can say that a little bit of the Redken heat glide while it's drying usually leaves my hair in good shape for the workday.

I love my regular mani pedi's like the next woman so I get mine every week. But recently I've been obsessed with the OPI by Sephora shades, like Cab Fare, Arm Candy & Ocean Love Potion. Been stepping out of my box and loving these fun flirty shades.

For my lips I keep my DCT (Daily Lip Conditioner) on hand usually 2-3 tubes of it. This guy told me no lips look innocent like I've never done anything with them before. (If his ass only knew...lemme stop! Hehehe) THANK YOU DCT, LOL!

And finally I highly recommend for everyone to do the same thing you do in the mornings at night. Even if it's a toned down version. Rehydrate your skin after you've taken a shower (which I'm making a habit to do every night) Do sum level of skin, mild hair, and full body and your body will thank you me!

Great post G!

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