Thursday, July 2, 2009


Thursday, July 2, 2009
So, ladies and gentlemen, the rant continues...

Today, @BET tweeted on Twitter: "House Of Payne: Possible Spinoff on Horizon: I have yet to be influenced by Tyler Perry's brand of Black Entertainment..."

OH REALLY, BET?! WOW! I have yet to be influenced by YOUR brand of entertainment! Now, IamXI is not the biggest House of Payne fan and I'm not saying that I've liked everything Perry has created, but I can't believe they are literally calling the kettle black! How dare you have the audacity to knock someone else's interpretation of black entertainment especially when that person has done more for black entertainment than your own network. I mean really BET, WHAT makes your "brand of black entertainment" so positive, influential, and the standard?! I'll tell you what...the fact that you have "black" in your name. Yep, that's the only reason! Just some food for thought before you start throwing salt on someone else's game!

In light of XI's BET special collabo post from this morning, our content contributor, J. Probe, found this lil gem for us. (XIKhai told you we had a sense of humor...)

**Disclaimer: Contains strong language and content that may be offensive to some.**


XIKhai said...

That video is HILARIOUS! And so so true! In the words of Ye: "BET does not care about black people."

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