Wednesday, July 29, 2009

INTERCEPTED: Plaxco Burress Testifies

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

ProFootball Talk is reporting that Plaxico has in fact testified in front of a grand jury today and afterwards spoke to the media about some of what was said in the court room.

Plaxico Burress testified in front of a grand jury in New York City Wednesday for two and a half hours.

Once he was done, he surprisingly spoke to the media about it.

"I was truthful. I was honest," Burress said. "I'm truly remorseful what I've done and what happened and what I did. I just want to thank everybody - family, friends, fans - for their prayers and support."

Burress' lawyer Benjamin Brafman said it took a "big man" to acknowledge his responsibility and testify Wednesday. (It's true: Brafman's head appears to be level with Plax's chest, like mine would.)

Brafman said that Burress pointed out many "mitigating circumstances" including that he had no criminal intent and that Burress was the only victim in this case.

ESPN's Sal Paolantonio pointed out that Burress appears to be mounting a P.R. case in addition to the one they presented in court.

It's unclear when we'll know if an indictment is handed down.

Again, Florio is the legal expert around here. But it seems odd that Burress was asked questions for 150 minutes Wednesday when the case appears so cut and dry.

In his own words, Brafman reportedly wanted to "humanize" Burress to the jury. The lanky Giants receiver appeared to be fighting back emotions after he spoke to the press.

I think this has put me over the edge with black athletes in and out of trouble for the week. I've had enough for a lifetime. This man fell too fast and too hard for me to be able to comprehend.


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