Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jeremih's Album Release Party - June 30, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Tuesday night, Def Jam's Jeremih held his album release party at Providence in NYC. Doors opened at 7pm but the show started after 9pm. I should have realized that was a sign. I saw the ladies of Electrik Red in the media room. They looked cute posing for pictures and stopping for interviews. The lead singer, Naomi Allen, was nice. I saw a few others posing for pictures in front of the back drop, no clue who they were.

The show opened with a band that was pretty good followed by the "special guest" performers. There was a long intermission in between each performer, which added to my frustration. Electrik Red performed a few songs. They did a pretty good job given the stage was the size of someone's garage. I'll admit I don't know any of their songs and didn't love any I heard that night but they seemed nice. Best of luck to them.

Two independent artists, Sean Flight and Peter Hadar, performed.


Sean was drowned out by his drummer so I barely hear anything dude sang and I was standing right above him on the balcony. From where I was standing, Peter reminded me of Anthony Hamilton back in 2000 but Peter can't kill a song like Anthony. Peter's music was cool. His drummer and pianist over powered his vocals but from the little I heard his lyrics needed some serious work. My fave line was "Baby don't step on my shoes, they cost $300". And this was part of a song he prefaced with: this is a song for my fellas that see a girl they like and wanna talk to her and impress her. Really Peter? That's what you would say? Good luck with that! The group Black Violin performed.

They have skillz on the violin but one of the member's instrument had technical difficulties. I think I went from tried and confused to sleepy and annoyed after I cringed from the mic feedback.

While all this anticlimactic activity is taking place, Def Jam’s guest (family, friends and exec) ate dinner and drank champagne. I wondered if I was the only one that was confused and jaded. I wasn’t. Two-thirds of the balcony section left after Electrik Red performed (they were second), the guests looked bored from my view and when Mr. Hader went said “I wanna sing acapella so y’all can hear my voice” I swear the table conversations got louder. All the while I’m thinking where is Jeremih??? I had that “Birthday Sex” song in my head for about a week! 11pm rolls around and frustration changed to pure anger, which is never good. I looked down at the stage and saw a new band setting up. I ASSUMED (like a dummy) Jeremih was going to be next. The host came to the stage at 11:20pm and said they was going to start their Michael Jackson tribute. WHAT???? So needless to say, after a few choice words I left the balcony and went back into the media room to get my stuff and head home. I looked around and notice people were packing up!!! Back drop was going down, couches were being moved and I’m thinking how they cleaning up and this dude STILL ain’t on stage??? I don’t know. Yesterday, I was livid. Today, I’m thinking maybe it’s me! Maybe it’s best I didn’t see him perform. At that point, I might have gone off the deep end. Who knows!


I am XI said...

LMAO! Oh NO! Jeremih didn't even perform at his album release party?! That is terrible!

XIKhai said...

*Breathing* from all of the are a mess.

So in your words...shim sham on the flim flam!

XIKhai said...

Just read it again! Loved it all over again!

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