Monday, July 27, 2009

INTERCEPTED: Why Players are Pissed about Vick & the Media Doesn't Get It!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Today as news broke about Roger Goodell’s decision to “conditionally” reinstate Michael Vick reactions from the media and NFL players couldn’t be anymore different.

Adam Schefter tweeted to Terrell Owens:

“Me thinks commissioner did right thing. He always can reinstate Vick earlier if
conditions warrant. This was safe and smart.”

Then while writing what we can only assume he felt was quote worthy Schefter said:

@Adam_Schefter Goodell to Vick: "Playing in the NFL is a privilege. It is not an

Interesting…because I’m sure all of the hard work and effort he gave while he was in the league was a testament to his lack of “entitlement syndrome”. The media cracks me up thinking that these athletes treat this like it’s a walk in the park. And for a guy whom I’m sure has been to many practices and training camps I’m surprised either one would make such a statement.

Rich Eisen had this to say to both fans and players on the situation:

@terrellowens81 There isn't a
4-game suspension. Vick will be paid once he signs. Commish can reinstate him to
play before Week 6, too.

@spoon1993 Not true. Suspended
players can not work out w/team, be at team facility and don't get paid.

And when he finally rendered an opinion of his own this is garbage spewed out:

@RichEisen Interesting how many folks think 6-game wait is punishment, rather
than people perhaps assessing what's necessary for success in this case.

Necessary for success you say Mr. Eisen. Interesting maybe you should buddy up with Roger Goodell on that field trip to jail as Terrell Owens suggested a few days ago. There is no more case…except for the one the NFL is insisting on inflicting on Vick no matter what the cost. On the flip side initial player reactions were something totally different.

Chris Johnson was not too happy at all with the Commissioners decision:


Never one to shy away from the microphone Terrell Owens questioned whether a suspension was imposed and had this to say to Adam Schefter when he found out:

@terrellowens81: There shouldn't be any gray area w/this situation. i'm still not satisfied. my problem is w/the 4-gm suspension!!

Takeo Spikes had this to say:

@TakeoSpikes51: Vick has served a severe punishment from the judicial system.Im
disappointed in the decison for a conditional reinstatement.I feel like this decision was made to appease PETA.

Needless to say the line in the sand has been drawn and it seems that the Michael Vick situation is shedding light on the interesting divide facing players and the league with the media backing them up. I’m not knocking anyone’s hustle BUT it should be noted from my article earlier…that on this issue there were two clear sides. Either you’re for further punishment or you feel enough has been done to Vick and he should be allowed back into the league with time served.

Something tells me Roger Goodell and the league made this choice to try and appease BOTH sides. There are only 16 games in a season and while he didn’t suspend Vick for 8 of them he came close to half…but he didn’t go for the full season either.

Right now it seems to be an US (players) against THEM (NFL & the media) situation and I’m TEAM “US” all the way!


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