Friday, July 17, 2009

INTERCEPTED: News around the Baller Carousel

Friday, July 17, 2009

Here's what's going on in the sports world:

NFL News

Former Denver Bronco RB Travis Henry has been sentenced to 3 years of prison. And I can't help but wonder how many people he killed. It must have been like 20 and he was probably high, drunk, deaf and blind because that quadruple the amount of time Donte Stallworth got for killing someone while under the influence. Just saying…

Dallas Cowboys WR Roy Williams has decided he will talk with the media during the football season.
As Jean-Jacques Taylor of the Dallas Morning News points out, Williams' decision not to speak to the media this season could be evidence of the pressure that he is feeling to perform.

Part of the problem could be that Williams didn't perform well last year, after arriving in exchange for a Herschel-style boatload of picks and inking a contract worth $9 million per year.
Yeah pressure bust pipes now doesn't it Mr. Williams. Chyle boo!

If you're
a football fanatic like myself you’ll be pleased to hear that the NFL Network will be broadcasting all 65 preseason this season. For local fans this isn't news. But for fans with teams outside of their state this is great! And here are the 12 live broadcast game schedules:

St. Louis Rams vs. New York Jets (HD) on Friday, August 14 at 7:00 PM ET
Former USC and #4 overall draft pick QB Mark Sanchez makes his NFL debut with the Jets. New head coaches Rex Ryan (Jets) and Steve Spagnuolo (Rams) lead their teams for the first time.

Denver Broncos vs. San Francisco 49ers (HD) on Friday, August 14 at 10:00 PM ET
49ers first round draft pick WR Michael Crabtree makes his debut in San Francisco, while Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels begins his tenure in Denver with a new QB.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions (HD) on Saturday, August 15 at 4:00 PM ET
Lions QB and 2009 #1 overall pick Matthew Stafford looks to replicate the success of Falcons QB and 2008 Offensive Rookie of the Year Matt Ryan in this NFC matchup.

Chicago Bears vs. Buffalo Bills (HD) on Saturday, August 15 at 7:00 PM ET
Two of the biggest names to change teams this summer are on display as Bears QB Jay Cutler and Bills WR Terrell Owens debut with their new teams.

Seattle Seahawks vs. San Diego Chargers (HD) on Saturday, August 15 at 10:00 PM ET
It's a new season and new beginning for NFL veterans Matt Hasselbeck and LaDainian Tomlinson, who both look for a fresh start in 2009.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Washington Redskins (HD) on Saturday, August 22 at 7:30 PM ET
Albert Haynesworth makes his debut with the Redskins against Ben Roethlisberger
and the defending Super Bowl-champion Pittsburgh Steelers.

Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks (HD) on Saturday, August 22 at 10:30 PM ET
The Broncos look to unveil an improved defensive unit against the Seahawks and newly acquired offensive weapon T.J. Houshmandzadeh.

Indianapolis Colts vs. Detroit Lions (HD) on Saturday, August 29 at 1:00 PM ET
Colts head coach Jim Caldwell and Lions head coach Jim Schwartz embark on Week 3 of the preseason at the helm of their new teams.

New Orleans Saints vs. Oakland Raiders (HD) on Saturday, August 29 at 4:00 PM ET

A young Raiders offense looks to outscore QB Drew Brees and a Saints offense that led the league in 2008.

Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Jets (HD) on Thursday, September 3 at 7:00 PM ET
The Philadelphia Eagles and top picks Jeremy Maclin and LeSean McCoy take on rookie QB Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.

Oakland Raiders vs. Seattle Seahawks (HD) on Thursday, September 3 at 10:00 PM ET
Head coach Tom Cable and the Oakland Raiders face new head coach Jim Mora and the Seattle Seahawks in both teams' final game of the preseason.

Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings (HD) on Friday, September 4 at 8:00 PM ET
Rookie WR Percy Harvin takes his final preseason reps against the Cowboys as Dallas and Minnesota meet in their preseason finale for the fourth consecutive year.

Steve McNair didn't leave "Will" behind for his family, so a judge in Mississippi has ruled that his wife, Mechelle McNail, will oversee ENTIRE estate. Now that’s justice for what she’s been through…I’m sorry but it really is. I bet she knew he didn't have one, which is why she looked completely unshaken at that funeral last week. Pow!

Federal agents have apparently arrested the man who allegedly provided the gun that killed McNair. SMDH From

A criminal complaint unsealed Friday in Nashville says that Gilliam -- who was convicted of murder and attempted armed robbery in 1993 in Florida -- admitted he sold the gun to the woman who later shot McNair.

McNair was shot to death on July 4 at his condo by his 20-year-old mistress Sahel Kazemi, who then turned the gun on herself.

The complaint, signed by ATF agent Mickey French, charges Gilliam with illegally possessing a firearm, which he is barred from doing as a felon.

Detectives traced the gun to its 2002 sale at a pawn shop, according to the complaint. Gilliam eventually bought it from an individual for $100 about a year ago. According to court documents, Gilliam admitted to detectives he sold the gun to Kazemi for $100.

Federal prosecutors in Nashville planned to announce the case at a press conference later Friday.

Police announced in a news conference last week that Kazemi purchased "a fully loaded nine millimeter pistol from a private individual" who met her in the parking lot of the mall where she worked at a Dave & Busters restaurant.

Kazemi met the person when she was trying to sell her car. She mentioned to him that she was looking to buy a gun and he told her he had one for sale, police said. The sale took place two days before McNair's shooting.

How nice...Brett Favre will make his decision to return before training camp begins. Well thanks you Brett, thank you very much!

Cris Carter has decided not to remain silent while Favre runs amok over the NFL. He believes that if the Vikings sign Brett it could possibly threaten team chemistry. And so do I! If anyone is interested in my RANT against yourself.

NBA News

With free agency winding down there's not much going on in the NBA. But I found this article in DIME Magazine which list the top 10 free agents yet to sign with any teams.

1. Marquis Daniels - I’m kind of surprised Daniels is still available right now after having the best season of his career. Averaging 13.6 points and 4.6 rebounds per game, he showed when he could stay healthy (54 games last season), he is a valuable contributor to a team.

2. Flip Murray - After a great year in Atlanta averaging 12.2 points in 25 minutes off the bench, Murray would be a great piece for a team in search of instant offense a la Eddie House. It seems the backcourt is getting crowded in the ATL, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Flip find a team he can get some burn on next season.

3. Von Wafer - While Houston clearly needs a big guy to fill Yao’s void, they’d be crazy to let Wafer walk this summer. Especially with Ron Artest playing for the Lakers, the Rockets can definitely use Wafer’s intensity on both end of the floor.

4. Matt Barnes - Starting 40 games for the Suns last season, Barnes had the best season of his career averaging 10.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 2.8 assists per game in only 27 minutes a night. Barnes is one of those guys that doesn’t take plays off, and if he can stick with a team for more than two years, he can definitely become a solid contributor.

5. Drew Gooden - With career averages of 12.0 points and 7.9 rebounds per game, Gooden will always find himself on an NBA roster. After signing Antonio McDyess, it appears Gooden has outstayed his welcome in San Antonio.

6. Anthony Carter - Finding a legit point guard in this League is tougher than it seems. And while this year’s NBA Draft was full of aspiring PGs, most coaches like to have a vet around just in case. That’s where AC comes in.

7. Chris Wilcox - Of all these guys, 6-10 Wilcox could be the most intriguing option. A couple years ago during a three-year stretch with the Sonics, Wilcox was averaging around 14 and 8 a game after not getting the minutes to flourish with the Clippers. At only 26 years old, the potential is definitely still there and well worth the limited investment.

8. Ime Udoka - While his numbers weren’t great with the Spurs, Udoka is a modern-day Bruce Bowen. And if San Antonio can’t get Bruce back in town, they should do everything they can keep Udoka.

9. Stephon Marbury - After a tumultuous season to say the least, Marbury can still play. While most teams don’t want to deal with his headaches, he still has to be on this list as one of the best available.

10. Sean May - While May has been irrelevent for quite some time, he’s been busy working out for the Blazers and Kings with plans to work out for the Cavs and Clippers later this week. If he can stay health, the former UNC product could be a steal.

MLB News - (This is a learning process for me...but I don't want to leave anyone out so I'm working to include more MLB news in my posts.)

The American League beat the National League in the All-Star game which extended it's unbeaten streak to 13 years. That's just down right sad if you ask me...the National League needs to step it up!

Despite the steroid and subsequent suspension fans of Manny Ramirez have welcomed their star back.


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