Monday, July 13, 2009

INTERCEPTED: McNair's funeral, NFL Training Camps & BRETT FAVRE!

Monday, July 13, 2009
There's no other way to describe Mechelle McNair other than she was the picture of dignity & grace. As she sat looking on with her son, she was pure perfection, elegance and class at the funeral of her late husband, Steve McNair. Full story here.

Sahel Kazemi was also laid to rest this weekend at a private service in Florida.

Football season is only a few weeks away...and if you're like me you're anxious for some sort of football action even if it's just training camp. Well the NFL officially kicks off the start of camp on July 25th with the Buffalo Bills in New York.

Full list of teams and schedules can be found here. Of course I'm only concerned with the New York Giants who will begin on August 3rd at the University of Albany in Albany, NY. But I decided to keep my bias at bay and post information for fans of every team. LOL!

Brett Favre is now apprehensive about returning to the NFL with the Vikings for whatever reason he's come up with this time. So sick of him!

Must.Be.Nice! Donte Stallworth is finished serving his 2 second sentence after being convicted for involuntary manslaughter when he struck and killed a man while under the influence.


XIX said...

All I have to say is Mechelle McNair is a better person then me! I would have sent the children there and would be sitting at home or on an island sipping on a drink! She looks very classy.. I swear if Brett Favre don't set down somewhere! Must we go though another summer waiting for him to decide to come back and what team he is going to sign too. I also need to look up this schedule for the teams so that I can avoid the tv by any means !!! WHY!! Damn ESPN and the NFL Network !!!

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