Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From NFL.com

Quarterback Brett Favre has decided to stay retired and not join the Minnesota Vikings this season, he told NFL Network's Rich Eisen in a text message.
Brett Favre, QB

Career Statistics
Seasons: 18
Passing Yards: 65,127
TDs/INTs: 464/310
Passer Rating: 85.4

Vikings coach Brad Childress told The Star Tribune in Minneapolis that Favre didn't want to put himself through the grind of a 19th NFL season.

"I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division (with the Green Bay Packers)," Childress told The Star Tribune. "He knows our system inside out … This doesn't change anything about how I feel about our football team."

Favre retired for a second time after playing for the New York Jets last season. He had surgery in May to alleviate a torn biceps tendon.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Considering ALL of the crap he pulled during the off season...just to remain retired after all. WTF FAVRE?! Chyle boo!

And in other NFL News sadly Jim Johnson The Philadelphia Eagles Defensive Coordinator has passed away. After a long battle with cancer.

From ABC News Action News 6 in Philadelphia:

PHILADELPHIA - July 28, 2009 - (WPVI) -- The Philadelphia Eagles announced Tuesday that defensive coordinator Jim Johnson has died after a battle with cancer.

Johnson, who turned 68 on May 26, first was diagnosed with cancer in 2001.

The 68-year-old took an indefinite leave of absence in May to continue treatment for a cancerous tumor on his spine.

The team disclosed the recurrence in January, nearly two weeks after it lost to the Arizona Cardinals in the NFC Championship.

Johnson was widely regarded as one of the top defensive masterminds in the game. He was known for his aggressive, attacking style and his defenses have played a major role in the team's success over the last decade.


J.Probe said...

Thank God !!! I hope this now puts a end to all this Brett Frave talk and we can go back to ur regular schedule programming. Go sit somewhere at enjoy retirement !

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