Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Macchiato's & Morning Papers

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael's Jackson death is being investigated by the LAPD as a homicide according to TMZ.

The NY Post is reporting that Debbie Rowe has decided to drop the custody battle and is reportedly being paid 4 million dollars for these efforts. *Blank stare*

However, People Magazine is reporting that Rowe's lawyers are denying that a settlement agreement has been reached. I'm so sick of this ugliness!

Unemployment numbers are not being accurately reported as they don't include people with part time jobs who are still in search of full-time jobs.

With soaring unemployment numbers and foreclosures at an all time high...many are wondering what the Obama administration is waiting for. I love President O but I'm wondering too...

Ok so this is all kinds true...and I'm glad someone decided to point it out. I've tripped over things and run into people while texting, emailing and TWEETING, lol!

Huge Shark Washes up on Long Island Shore...and I am FREAKED OUT! That thing is HUGE!

Controversial report suggests that prenuptial cohabiting can spoil marriage. I know I'm gonna hear from both sides on this one. Since I don't have any experience from either side I'm gonna let those who do take this one.

The NYT's thinks that the new Harry Potter movie has alot of "Hormones & Rage".


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