Monday, July 13, 2009


Monday, July 13, 2009

So far signings and trades during free agency in the NBA have gone seemingly smooth. But for AI, fresh off a disastrous season with the Detroit Pistons, the question of which team will land the super star forward remains a mystery. Sources close to AI are claiming that his agent is in talks with both the Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat as previously reported last week. But the odds of him signing with the Heat seem greater than that with the Grizzlies. Still it should be noted that a mini battle over AI is brewing between the two teams and whichever one he chooses will be the better for it.

We all know that D. Wade wants AI, or any other available high profile player, that will help in his quest for a second championship. Which is why he's currently waiting to sign his contract extension that has been offered to him by the Heat, as he observes what steps the team will take in making this happen. So with AI on the fence and Wade playing the waiting game things could get a little messy.

According to the Miami Herald: "Allen Iverson asked for the $5.8 million midlevel exception from the Heat in a one-year deal, but Miami has been reluctant to pay him much more than $2 million, if that. And while Iverson is also exploring Memphis and Charlotte, Miami would be his preference if money is equal. The Heat spoke with the agent for Andre Miller -- who's in a stalemate with Philadelphia -- but hasn't pursued a sign-and-trade, and Miller wants more than the midlevel. " So Miami had better get on the good foot and come up with that 5.8 million because I think D. Wade's extension with them may depend it.

I love off season signing battles...

UPDATE: DIME Magazine is reporting that A.I. are in serious talks with the LA Clippers. This story keeps getting more and more interesting.


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