Monday, July 6, 2009

Macchiato's & Morning Papers

Monday, July 6, 2009
Good morning everyone! I know I know it's Monday already (I'm bitter too!) and the last three days are clearly a blur for some of us.

However, while we were out celebrating with family and friends, the 4th of July weekend carried on in an eventful manner.

So let's get to it!

President Obama's in Russia making nice with Medvedev...awww.

*Yawn* Anyone remember Sarah Palin...yeah well, she quit on Friday. SNORE!

Oooo may reverse Alzheimer's Disease. But next week I'm sure too much coffee will lead to you be the judge.

The word "midget" to little people is what the "N" word is to African Americans. So they'd like it banned from TV asap. Can't say I blame them either...

Honestly Don Lemon you could babble about toilet paper and I'd sit there and listen. But thanks for standing up for the MJ coverage. Boo to CNN though!

Millions of people have signed up for Michael Jackson funeral tickets. LA is bracing itself for massive number of mourners tomorrow.

R.I.H. Steve's well known by now that Steve McNair was fatally shot on Saturday July 4th by, what's being described as, an unknown assailant. However, reports point to the female found along with him, Sahel Kazemi, who was also fatally shot in an assumed murder suicide. Yes it is tragic and devastating and the details don't highlight the Steve McNair many knew and loved. However, at XI we try to remember people for who they were not what they did espcially in light of his untimely death, so if you haven't had a chance please check out the Tribute to McNair along this NY Times article that speaks to that sentiment. McNair Won't be Remembered for his Flaws. You will be missed "Air McNair"!

Mmmmm Meatless Monday's on Huffington Post.


XIKhai said...

Ok so I can type now without my eyes leaking all over the keyboard.

From twitter...

...Nothing moves my soul like music... Nothing!

Stevie's performance reminds me of the quote: "music is what emotions sound like" (via honey mag)

Using his voice and a piano, Stevie Wonder just illustrated life, death, love, pain, happiness, sadness, perfectly.

Al Sharpton...ya'll daddy wasn't people treated him was strange.

Brooke Shields...po little tink tink.

Jermaine told us all to SMILE...and it was beautiful!

XIKhai said...

Ok how'd this get in here...

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