Wednesday, July 15, 2009

XI Hair Chronicles: Confessions of a Hair Junkie

Wednesday, July 15, 2009
I heart my hair. Some may understand what I mean and others my think it's a shallow statement. Either way, I heart my hair!!! I have long tresses and am proud of all the love (and money) I exude to keep my hair looking nice. Some need to really work on their hair presentation, but that's another post. Last week, I switched from the Organic ROOT Stimulator™ Olive Oil Relaxer to the PhytoSpecific relaxer. Yes, I relax my naps. Shout out to all my beautiful natural ladies. You inspire me, but right now I can't.

I will admit Phyto is pricey as all be damn but it's allegedly "chemical free". I was extremely apprehensive about switching. I thought my hair would fall out as they shampooed or my hair would rebel and not accept this chemical-free product. Well I'm happy to announce: Woo hoo, it worked!! I love the relaxer (so far). I'm digging the PhytoSpecific shampoo, conditioner and anti-frizz. I don't use heat in my hair after I leave the salon so I had the ultimate anti-frizz test. I went to South Beach, Miami last week with a bone straight flat iron style and my hair didn't frizz. I'm impressed!!

If you use the relaxer or are thinking about switching send me an email -! I'll try to keep you posted on my progress. It's only been a week so far but so far so good!


XIKhai said...

Ok I'm gonna just pause for the long hair cause. Girl your hair is all down your back looking all types of long and healthy!

Get get get get get it shawty, LOL!

I checked the retail for the PhytoSpecific and it's pricey but when it comes to healthy hair you can never spend too much on a good product.

I love the beauty reviews and I want to hear about the progress with it and ur hair.

XIX said...

I will agree that it is pricey,but it's results and reviews seems like it is worth the price.

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