Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Gun Residue Found on Kazemi's Hands

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Nashville's assistant medical examiner stated gunpowder residue was found on the hands of Steve McNair's girlfriend, who was found dead alongside the slain former NFL star."

However, the assistant medial examiner stopped just short of calling the incident a "murder-suicide" in those exact terms, but I'm not. We're going to call it what it is. Which leaves me lost as to they continue to tip-toeing around this, as if not calling it what it is will change the result.

The gun owned by Sahel Kazemi was found under her body where both she and Steve McNair, who suffered four gun shot wounds to her one, were discovered. After turning up no suspects or persons of interest, finding gun residue on her hand, the single shot at close range to her head...why are they reluctant at this point?

It's annoying that they're sugar-coating the murder and suicide of this man and woman. Steve McNair died at the hands of his girlfriend who tragically claimed both of their lives. At any event...this story is truly sad and I hope we all keep the families of both McNair and Kazemi in our thoughts, minds and prayers.

Entire article can be read here


(CNN) — Twenty-year-old Sahel Kazemi shot Steve McNair while he was sleeping on the sofa in his Nashville condo, before shooting herself in the head, police said Wednesday.

Kazemi shot McNair in the head, then fired twice into his chest before shooting him again in the head, police said.

Authorities said in the days leading up to the shooting, Kazemi told a friend her life was “messed up” and she wanted to end it. Kazemi also believed her relationship with McNair — a married father of four — was unraveling and that he was involved with another woman.

SMDH...I'm done with this story! R.I.H. McNair & Kazemi (she deserves some peace as well)


J.Probe said...

Call a spade and spade... I truly feel sorry for his wife who they claim didnt know anything as well as the kids.

XIKhai said...

Truly is a shame and yes it is what it they need to call it what that.

At this point who are they protecting by not labeling it what all of the evidence points to? He's gone and so is she and the wife and kids know. Girl a mess is what this entire situation is.

Elle said...

Methinks that some professional ballers will be rethinking their mistress situations as a result of this story. Sad.

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