Monday, July 13, 2009

Macchiato's & Afternoon Papers

Monday, July 13, 2009

LONG weekend for me. But it's Monday and while I'm late here's what's going on.
Judge Sonya Sotomayor's confirmation hearing is taking place as we speak. For live streaming and live blog updates visit The Huffington Post
President Obama has finally picked a Surgeon General for his adminsitration and it's Dr. Regina Benjamin from Alabama. Pow! "Dr. Regina Benjamin is known along Alabama's impoverished Gulf Coast as a country doctor who makes house calls and doesn't turn away patients who can't pay _ even as she's had to find the money to rebuild a clinic repeatedly destroyed by hurricanes and once even fire." She was also very instrumental in opening a non-profit medical clinic in the wake of Hurrican Katrina. Obama did good with this one.

I seriously worry about our national media. For the Today show to put Levi Johnston on as their guest really says alot about how pathetic things are becoming.

The British may be wrong for directing this onto children for sex education...but I'd like to launch the "Orgasm a Day" Campaign for "of age consenting adults in the USA asap." And I'm SO SERIOUS. Story here
Twitter has gone all out X-rated in the wee hours of the night it seems. First TilaTequila decided to go full on strip show and mastur-shut yo mouth via ustream the other night. Yuck! And last night Souljah Boy decided to join in on the I NEED ATTENTION antics and posed for some questionable pics on Twitter. *blank stare* Pics and link to his twitter page here.
Latoya Jackson is now claiming that she believes Michael Jackson was murdered. Cue full on dramatic foolery from this day forward.
Why does beef only seem to spark when careers need resurecting? Since I refuse to name nobody's on this site...I'll say another NOBODY is taking shots at the thrown. If you're curious the story can be read here.


SmokinAce said...

It is so sad to say but some members of the Jackson family have really been "pimping" Michael's death. Joe Jackson is absolutely EVERYWHERE, hyping up his new "record label" (which is a whollle other story!) and now LaToya with her accusations. All its doing is getting them extended media coverage in the midst of a really tragic circumstance. I applaud Katherine, Janet and the other Jacksons for acting like how non celeb folks act in the wake of an unexpected death: with grace and dignity. While Jermaine has emerged as the official family spokesperson, everyone else just needs shut their mouth. Ohhh these people, these people!

XIX said...

We all know that Joe has problems and LaToya has never been right in the head ( posing for Playboy) Her momma said that she was her special child. They need to bring her talking butt back to the compound and send Joe back to Las Vasgas and continue to grieve in peace. Sad so very sad

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