Monday, June 22, 2009

BET Awards 2009: Pre-Awards edition

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ok, so I hope that I am not the only one who's anticipating this year's BET Awards show. But, I'm sure that I will be the only one who will be downloading a blank ballot and posting my winning picks because I know XIKhai won't be. (LOL!) But, maybe I can convince her to do a "XI picks the winners" post. (Hint hint)... But, who really cares about the actual awards themselves? Only BET and the nominees. The rest of us are only interested in viewing the other three elements of the show: the host, the performances, and the surprises.

Well, first and foremost, four words: Jamie Foxx is hosting... And the foolishness that will ensue has me on edge. AH! The hilarity of it all... Can't wait!

Secondly, the artists scheduled to perform:

Monica (See Keyshia Cole, because I mean really, what album does she currently have out?)

Keyshia Cole ("Trust" featuring Monica I'm sure will be performed, since Monica is slated to be on stage somewhere.)

Fabolous (Does he have an album, single, or even a ringtone out now? If so, clearly, I missed it.)

Young Jeezy ("My President" would be so apropos this year... Don't you think?)

Beyonce (Anyone who knows me knows that IAMXI is EXPECTING B to sing "Ego." If she comes out singing anything off that "I Am" album or "At Last," there will be a SERIOUS PROBLEM!)

Jay-Z (Aww, I wonder if many in the audience will be offended since J has declared "Death of Autotune.")

Ne-Yo (Ooooh! Wouldn't a "Miss Independent (She's Got Her Own)" performance with Jamie be wonderful?! HEY, maybe that's what F-a-b-o-l-o-u-s will be doing there.)

Maxwell (Ok, thinking about this man makes my heart skip a beat. And his comeback on the 2008 show had me LOVING whatever he was singing. So I'm looking forward to "Pretty Wings" being performed live, but it really doesn't even matter!)

Soulja Boy (I'm sure all of those who "hopped up out the bed" and turn their swag on will appreciate this one...)

Kanye West (I never get tired of seeing Ye perform, so anything he performs as he steps on that stage would be great! The old Ye is back!)

Mary Mary (I LOVE LOVE LOVE "God in Me," so I pray they perform this.)

Keri Hilson (Supposedly, she was just confirmed to perform today. And with Ne-Yo & Ye on deck, I'm looking forward to a "Knock You Down" performance.)

BET is also tweeting they have one more slot to fill, and they are asking fans to vote for Drake. So, maybe we'll get a summer performance from the hottest, newest act in the game right now.

Other than the performances and awards to be given out, there will be a few surprises per usual as BET always has something up its sleeves. Supposedly, there will be an announcement made about the television show, The Game, and it's possible move to BET... Details are still being worked out though. But, here's hoping...

So I will be patiently, but anxiously awaiting the BET Awards show which airs Sunday, June 28 @ 8pm eastern.
Hey, maybe IAMXI will blog LIVE about all of the fashion, performances, and foolishness that will take place on the black carpet and on the main stage.


XIKhai said...

Live blogging the BET awards...I like that idea very much!

XIKhai said...

I a little excited about them for Jamie Foxx only. But I'm cracking up over the lack of exciting performances. Monica?????????? Wow! F-A-B-O-L-O-U-S...FAIL! Ye and Jay of course should kill it. Ego is fire but B...

What they should do is round up the line up from this years Hot 97 Summer Jam in NY and do it all over again. That I'd watch!

I am XI said...

LOL! Yes, let's cut up, XI style! And I would love it if all those performers made an appearence on the show.

jj9919 said...

I place a vote for the live blogging of the awards( it will surely cut down on my text messaging). Also I hear that Monica release a single yesterday called "Taxi"??? still i agree why is she on there. They can keep Mr.F.A.B.O.L.O.U.S along with Ne-Yo and Keyshia Cole, I can deal without her singing you complete me !!!! Maxwell can just stand on stage with a suit and look sexy for the night and I will be quite alright with that. Crossing my fingers that The Game gets pick up by BET, but we will see! Looking forward to the live blogging of the awards ( hint hint)

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