Monday, June 29, 2009

Seriously Brett Favre...Why?

Monday, June 29, 2009
It's a painful thing in the world of football for athletes...when they reach the pinnacle of their career and must face the reality of hanging up the cleats. Most start planning their departure by exploring the many options available for retired athletes. Some do this by branching out into completely unrelated fields while accept job offers in sports broadcasting, coaching or front office positions within various franchises. However, regardless of the choice at the end of the day ALL must take these steps with dignity and honor out of respect for the players behind them whose turn has come to shine as they once did in their prime.

So why aren't we having a conversation like this about Brett Favre...why you ask? Seriously why...because Brett Favre hasn't had the aforementioned conversation with himself and clearly has no plans in doing so. Don't be fooled by the customary off season game of "Will Brett Favre retire?" where cameras set up shop in front of his home and his agent muddles through questions regarding his "future plans" and Brett submits his retirement paperwork to the NFL only to request for reinstatement right before training camp is set to begin. This tawdry scenario plays out year after year while the media forces it down the throats of millions of fans as if they don't know how the story ends.

Well I'm sick of it Brett! Seriously I am. What is it about your pathetic and obviously useless life that keeps you from allowing what many before you made sure you had with the full spotlight of that of a young promising career gives. First man up on the, "Brett's stealing my shine", spotlight show is Aaron Rogers. Drafted in 2005 Aaron was the passive apprentice groomed to fill the shoes of the future hall of famer whenever he decided to hang it up. But as the 14th & 15th seasons came and went Rogers as well as the Packers quickly realized that Favre had no intention of going out quietly so at the start of the 2008 off season the team was forced to pack up his locker and ship him out to New York to play for the Jets. Once he arrived in NY not only did Brett steal the shine from Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning he was the direct cause of Chad Pennington's departure from the team who had drafted him back in 2000. Pennington was shipped to the Miami Dolphins clearing a space for Favre now entering into 17th season in the league. Yes I said 17th season. I think it's appropriate to note that the Jets finished 9-7 in 2008 eventually releasing Favre during the off season and drafted Mark Sanchez in April.

Now as we enter into yet another summer of "Favre foolery" his next conquest are the Minnesota Vikings who seem poised to sign him pending an intense physical which will highlight questions about his throwing shoulder that he recently had surgery conducted on (which I'm convinced no longer contains human parts...but that of an old used car with various pieces of junk from other models holding it together.) However, I think it's clear judging from Favre's track record he's leaning towards playing, what with 17 seasons under his belt what's 18 right? But true to form standing in the way of Favre's "eternal football career" is another young QB in Tarvaris Jackson who will likely be cleared out of the way to make room for the dinosaur or worst Jackson will be reduced to backup after a decent season in 2008.

What has me baffled is if anyone is paying attention to the clear selfishness of this man who can't let the game go? We all know Favre is a hero and one of the greatest QB's in history...I get all of that. I personally love the guy. But I mean it's one thing to sign with a team to fill a need but these teams are casting good players aside to appease the whims of an old man afraid to face reality and move on. Seriously Brett move on dude...stop ruining the careers of young QB's because your name is golden to franchises who will NEVER get the full potential from your days in Green Bay. What you had years ago is gone. And what you're today is pathetic, annoying and unnecessary!



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