Saturday, June 27, 2009

Living off the Wall Weekend: Updates, updates, updates...

Saturday, June 27, 2009
As if running from the police for questioning wasn't shady enough...Dr. Conrad Murray has now hired an attorney and has put out a statement claiming his innocence...Story here

TMZ is reporting that Michael Jackson's kids want to live with Katherine Jackson and not with their mother Debbie Rowe. This may get interesting...story here. is reporting that the BET Awards will have most of their performances dedicated to MJ in some way or another. Can.Not.Wait.

Here's the statement from BET Executive Stephen Hill:

"This weekend’s awards will be heavily focused on Michael Jackson and his legacy:“This will be a show heavy on Michael Jackson’s memory. I think what you’re going to find is that acceptance speeches for awards will have nothing to do about the artists themselves, but about the influence that Michael Jackson had on them,” Hill said Thursday in a phone interview from Los Angeles.

“A show like this takes a good six months to put together, so when something happens three days before, it’s going to be done fueled by emotions,” he said.

Hill said many of the celebrities who will appear on the show — including Beyonce, Wyclef Jean, Maxwell and Ne-Yo — contacted BET to see how they could help prepare a tribute.

“Within minutes after its happening, we had calls from different artists — all asking what can they do” and how could they pay tribute to Jackson, he said."

Here's The NAACP's official statement in response to the death of Michael Jackson:

“Michael Jackson’s dedication to humanitarian issues, including helping to raise untold millions of dollars to alleviate poverty and hunger, showed us that he understood how to use his fame to advocate for equality and freedom worldwide. Michael’s compassion and vision for a better world, which he so clearly expressed in his music, will be part of his ongoing legacy,” stated NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous.

In the African American tradition of the great song and dance men Michael’s incomparable, talent and creativity influenced music, dance and culture for decades. His love of soul, rhythm and blues, and rock & roll, all performed with his innovative unique style captured the hearts and imagination of generations of fans.

“NAACP Image Award winning, international superstar, Michael Jackson was a musical artist rooted in the proud tradition of black American music. His career — from the working-class neighborhoods of Gary, Indiana, to the heights of the entertainment industry — is a classic example of the American Dream. Michael Jackson, and the talented Jackson family, represented pride and promise to generations of Americans and people around the globe." concluded Jealous

And it looks like the drama over Michael's death and legacy has officially begun...

Custody battle over MJ's kids looms...

MJ's family to conduct independent autopsy.

Oh how I wish this was true! Story here. But since this reaks of internet scammery...stir clear of this RUMOR!

Does anybody remember the "Thriller Inmates"? If not here's your refresher or introduction for others. And yesterday in a heartfelt tribute they made another video honoring the King of Pop. I heart these guys!

Additional celebrities react to MJ's death...

Diana Ross: “I can’t stop crying, this is too sudden and shocking. I am unable to imagine this. My heart is hurting. I am in prayer for his kids and the family.”

Lil Wayne: “I personally can’t believe it,” Lil Wayne told MTV News. “But it’s more unfortunate for the world of music. … My love goes out to his family. … A sad day in history, not [just] music.”

Chris Brown: “Michael Jackson is the reason why I do music and why I am an entertainer. I am devastated by this great loss, and I will continue to be humbled and inspired by his legacy. My prayers are with his family. Michael will be deeply missed, but never forgotten. He’s the greatest … the best ever. No one will ever be better.”

R.Kelly: “I am truly saddened that my Mentor, Brother and Friend will no longer be with us physically. At the same time, I feel so blessed to have been touched by his Music, his Dance, his Lyrics, and his Pure Genius. It is because of Michael’s yesterday that I am who I am today! My condolences to his family and friends around the world. Michael Jackson Rest in Peace and may your music and legacy forever reign on earth!

Britney Spears: “I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I’m devastated he’s gone!”


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