Monday, June 15, 2009

*Special* INTERCEPTED: Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers

Monday, June 15, 2009

So first you know I have to do it! Congratulations AGAIN to the Los Angeles Lakers and NBA FINAL MVP the BLACK MAMBA aka Kobe Bryant himself for proving all of the HATERS (yes I said haters) wrong in their words by "finally winning a ring without Shaq." (I'll be posting an indepth look at that foolish mentality in another post)

But in case you needed more coverage here are some articles I've pulled for you to enjoy!

LA Lakers Win 2009 NBA Championship

LA fans act like you've been here before damn!

Trophies are pretty...especially 15 of them & 10 for Mr. Jackson personally. SICK!

Can Lakers afford to keep Odom and Ariza? I truly hope so!

Odom enjoys a possible Final moment with Lakers. *tears*

I heart Pau Gasol. Don't call it a comeback...just don't call him soft.

Pietrus awaiting NBA decision of foul on Gasol.

You can't help but to LOVE this guy. Howard and Nelson sat and watched while Lakers celebrated.

No worries Orlando fans...with Howard at the helm your Magic will be back.


I am XI said...

Congrats to Kobe and the Lakers! I give props were they are due and they DEFINITELY deserved them.

D. Howard will be back, chocolate shoulders and all. LOL! Such a class act...

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