Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thursday, June 25, 2009 - NBA Draft Party

Sunday, June 28, 2009

There were a ton of parties Thursday night in NYC to celebrate the NBA draft. First stop: 40/40 club. I arrived at 11:30ish and expected to see a massive line. To my surprise, there were more bouncers outside than guests and you actually needed to know your confirmation number to get it. Glad I didn’t delete the confirmation email. Minutes later, I walked in and realized it was very close to standing room only downstairs. It was packed and the draft wasn’t even over yet! I heard the DJ give a shout out to Diddy but I didn’t see him and can’t confirm he was there. While trying to walk around the lower level, I locked eyes with one of the Flavor of Love girls. I remembered the face but couldn’t remember her name for anything! I googled it and it was Smiley aka Leilene Ondrade. Very pretty girl but back to my recap. Upstairs a mass of party goers huddled together attempting to make their way to the VIP rooms. After about 30 minutes, the massive sandwich moved about 3 steps forward. I’d had enough at that point and it was time to move on.

Next stop: M2 Ultra Lounge. The bouncers were quite selective and it was obvious you needed a “hook up” to get in (thanks Joy!) but once I was in, it all made sense. The place was crammed with celebs, athletes, and reality TV folks. M2 is a huge venue. It was packed but definitely better than 40/40. VIP was a zoo but who doesn’t want to get in, walk around and see who else is in there???? Thanks Joy and Ebony for the VIP hook up! Unfortunately, I didn’t see and probably didn’t recognize all the celeb or the reality TV folks at M2 but here’s my list: Kevin Hart (comedian), Brooke & Christian (BET’s Harlem Heights), Jordan Hill (Knicks draft pick), Jadakiss (rapper), Pepa (rapper/author), Rockwilder (producer), Trey Songz (singer), Meagan Good (actress) and T-Weed (VH1’s I Love NY season 1 and I Love Money season 2). DJ Clue, DJ Mr. Cee and DJ S&S keep the party going and weaved in lots of Michael Jackson classics. All in all it was a great night. I was dead at work the next day but it was worth it!


XIKhai said...


Drag.You.To.Hell. I had to get that out b/c next year I refuse to miss ANY of the draft festivities or any events for that matter. Love the write up!

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