Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twitspiration: Inspiration!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good morning everyone!

Here's some words of encouragement to help you start your day.

@RevRunWisdom: You wanna move a mountain??? Start carrying away small stones.... 2day!

@RevRunWisdom: Its not so much where U stand in dis wurl, but n which direction U R headed! Make gud incredible muvs yall!

@RevRunWisdom: Greater growth & progress requires change!! Its a must! Seek new xcitin xperiences ! Decide! Whats working in ur life & whats not & Y!

@RevRunWisdon: What are you doing? Live on purpose! Go!!!! A life without cause is a life without effect!

@DawnRichards: First say to yourself what you would be;and then do what you have to do. Epictetus

We love a good dose of positive reinforcement to help start our day at XI. Hope this help you start yours.

XIXI (Hugs and eXclusives)


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