Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Musing over Macchiato's & Morning Papers

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good morning all! I know I for one am excited today because my PIC is BIZACK and fresh off the plane with two new blog post. I know I missed her alot! So welcome back IamXI!!!!!!!!

Now on to today's top news stories....

:-0 It's official ladies and gentlemen...Jon & Kate of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' have officially filed for divorce. After 10 years of marriage, 2 sets of multiples and 5 seasons of the TLC hit, the couple's marriage has come to a bitter end. Does anyone remember when Jon used to pick out Kate's clothes for her? Boy have the times changed! I'll be letting our XI Therapist Dr. Ruth take a stab at this one folks...

I guess pay back is BISH now isn't it Mr. Hilton...or is it Ms. Hilton? Lemme stop...I don't advocate violence especially against women, but I can't say he didn't have it coming.

Survey says...this story reeks of scandal in the making. Governors don't just disappear and not tell their families at least.

President Obama is set to meet with Gay Rights Advocates at the White House.

Very disturbing report indicates that 60,000 inmates are sexually abused EVERY YEAR!

Twitter should get Noble Peace Prize for Iran Peace Movement. Remember if you want to show your support for Iran by changing your avatar on Twitter you can do so here.

R.I.P Ed McMahon :(


I am XI said...

THANKS, XIKHAI! I missed you much too! And a very special thanks to you for holding it down in my absence. The posts were great! Glad to be back and on the grind again with you.

jj9919 said...

Yes, XI we miss you, Keep those post coming. Sad to hear about Jon & Kate. Funny how just in Dec. they were renuiting their vows??? Mmmmm, it mays you wonder how much of the show could have been stage? But even so they both said that they had been having problems for the last 8months, and it really has gotten bad in the last 6 months.Not knowing what their marriage was about but can a marriage swirl into a divorce that quickly?

XIKhai said...

Girl I said the same thing! I'm still a little susy about all of it myself. But at the end of the day Kate had it coming with how she treated him and Jon needs to grow a pair and stop being a bish!

jj9919 said...

I agree Kate did have it come to her with how she treated him. Like you said I guess he grew a pair and decide to bounce with them. I don't that she thought that it would get to this point but how long can you belittle a person in the public eye and not accept others to talk. Sorry for her and the kids cause I sure is going to be tough dealing with not one but 8 kids going thought a divorce.

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