Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Intercepted: NBA finals Game 3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So the Orlando Magic decided to wake up and play some ball. Just in time the Magic goes Back to Basics. I mean since we couldn't get the Lebron-Kobe finals we hoped for, at the very least we wanted to see the Magic make a game out of it and have the Lakers "work" for the the title. So in the spirit of sportsmanship and all that is holy in keeping Dwight Howard's body on TV for a little while longer...Congratulations to the Orlando Magic for a game well played!

Should be a great game 4, which btw is this Thursday night at 9 ET on ABC.

Since things are starting to heat live blogging may be coming to XI...stay tuned Xfactors!


Dee Hamp said...

Im glad they got a win too. After all of the series that we have seen so far I woul've hated for the finals to be a dud,

You should check out my page, I just got it goin but it's getting there.

I am XI said...

I agree! I'm glad the series is heating up because I was getting bored with the NBA Finals.

And I love looking at the Dwight Howards finely chiseled arms too!

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is great seeing Dwight Howard's (tatto-less)body a little longer:) I would definitely like to see Orlando as champions!!!

XIKhai said...

Chrisette Michelle calls him "chocolate shoulders"...LOL!

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