Monday, June 22, 2009

Musing over Macchiato's & Morning Papers

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good morning Xfactors! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Let's get to it...

Obama to sign Anti-Smoking Bill in Rose Garden (This makes me very happy...sorry to all of the smokers out there)

Republicans criticize President Obama as being "too timid" on Iran stance. Which begs the question of they would respond if faced with the very same challenge.

And speaking of Iran things there have quickly gone from bad to horribly worse. Apparently, a female bloggers death was captured on video and posted on a FaceBook page. (Warning very graphic and disturbing images)

If you're looking to show any level of support for the Iranian election crisis. Some folks over at twitter have created a green ribbon or a green overlay (the official color of the movement) to be placed over your avatar, click here for more details.

My love hate relationship with Joe Scarborough (I'm not the only liberal who LOVES this man). His book entitled: "Last Best Hope" debuts at #7 on the NYT Best Sellers List.

Alice in Wonderland "first look" pictures. I'm sorry if I was a kid I'm be terrified. Actually I AM terrified and I'm an adult.


jj9919 said...

I hated the cartoon Alice in Wonderland and this is just scary! Johnny Depp is just creepy in makeup.Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for example. I will past on this ....

I am XI said...

I agree! Those pics of him look very scary! He and Tim Burton have an unusual friendship as it is. Supposedly Johnny is basically playing Tim in these roles. Edwards Scissorhands represented Tim's inability to communicate well as a teenager. So, I wonder what the Mad Hatter role will represent of the creepy genius filmmaker.

But, what I did notice from the pics, it will get an Oscar or 2 for set design and wardrobe b/c the set and costumes are SO elaborate and colorful. That alone has my attention.

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