Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Here's where we stand...Dwight Howard aka Chocolate Shoulders has 14 rebounds which coincidentally is the same amount that the ENTIRE Laker team has. The Magic are outscoring, out playing & out muscling the Lakers. But not to be outdone the Lakers are competing hard in their own competion of "who can foul out first contest" sponsored by Phil Jackson who's not just the owner but also a client carrying one technical foul of his own. Let's see that leave Ariza with 2 fouls (1 being techincal as well), Bynum with 3, Odom has 3 & um Gasol has 2. NICE! So with game 4 on the line we've gotten a more than healthy dose of reserves which is not the business. Reserves in the finals is like...shit there is no's just BAD!

Start of the 3rd.

UPDATE 10:48 pm: Another nail bitter game I feel this is setting up to be...

UPDATE 10:53 pm: Something about watching the game on mute and not having to listen to those annoying ass announcers makes my game time experience so much better.

UPDATE 10:58 pm: F'in REFS man...let em play!

Completely unrelated I want my neighbors visitor to recognize that THEY AIN'T BEAT IT and stop all that damn knocking.

And uh...Chris Tucker might wanna back away from that stadium food. Dwayne Wade can get it! All day he could with his newly divorced behind. Such a cutie!

UPDATE 11:05 pm: Dayum that was ugly!

UPDATE 11:07 pm: Ariza! Uh oh Kobe and CS getting into it! I wanna see some skin...

UPDATE 11:09 pm: Where's Odom? Wassup homie...where you at?

UPDATE 11:11 pm: KOBE! Disgusting...

UPDATE 11:13 pm: *sniff sniff*...I smell sumthing...can't quite put my finger on it though.

UPDATE 11:16 pm: Lemme shut up! Damnit Gasol's down...WTF?!

UPDATE 11:21 pm: Odom boo this is NOT ur night tonight. Unreal!

UPDATE 11:29 pm: CS lives at the FT line.

UPDATE 11:31 pm:
Lawd this game is intense...75-73 Lakers. I'm sure that's not gonna last long though.

Twitter reading "Over capacity" Dayum shame!

UPDATE 11:36 pm: Put em on your back KB. Let's go LA!

UPDATE 11:37 pm: GASOL stop whining to the f'in refs and play ball! Come on!

UPDATE 11:39 pm: It's the "Who wants it more" show....

UPDATE 11:41 pm: My nose is broken b/c what I smelled less than 15 mins ago is LONG GONE! Lakers can't seem to get it together 2 nite...

UPDATE 11:45 pm: Jameer Nelson and that mouth guard drives me crazy...boy keep that thing in your mouth!

UPDATE 11:45 pm: I hate Turkoglu! Damnit!

UPDATE 11:46 pm: Ok so hate is a strong word so I'll say I strongly dislike Turkoglu!

UPDATE 11:50 pm: Damn LA playing field has now been more edge. All even. This is GARBAGE!

UPDATE 11:54 pm: FISHER!

UPDATE 11:55 pm: Still time for Magic to win though...defense better stand up or no OT.

UPDATE 11:57 pm: *uncovers eyes* OT BABY! YES!

UPDATE 12:06 am: OMG! So much going on...blogging, im'in ustreamin, text'n shit...the Lakers better win this.

UPDATE 12:12 am: GASOL...Lakers up by 5...damn I'm hype! 31 secs still alot of time. This game is so gr8!

UPDATE 12:16 am: Gasol is a warrior!

UPDATE 12:17 am. GAME OVER! LAL: 99 ORL: 91 Lakers lead series 3-1 What a game!

Thanks to my PIC I am Xi for riding all night with me. If we can't have a party we'll party by our-damn-selves people. That's how we roll..XI style! You missed a fun ride people...better jump on board next time.



I am XI said...

Oh yeah, I feel like it will go into OT again... ahh, it's going to be a long night.

I am XI said...

LOL! Did you really just say you are sitting at home in your glasses and a rag on your head watching the game on mute? Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah haaaaaaaaaa!

To all our readers, we keeps it REAL! Because I'm ready to pop mine out and pull my hair up in a messy bun/ponytail. LOL!

I am XI said...

Yes, Chris Tucker is definitely round...and open your door and tell their visitor to 'visit' and read your post on what he or she needs to do instead... LOL!

XIKhai said...

Yes indeedy I said it. It's not a game at 11:00 with work and a 5 am workout breathing down my neck. We not gonna get into the sugar high I had to embark on to make it this know I'm a granny! LOL!

XIKhai said...

Girl just knocking...I mean I could definitely give em sumthing to do, lol.

I am XI said...

Mickael Pietrus has mini-chocolate shoulders... my friends are calling them "Milk Duds."


I am XI said...

Aww, they said that Chocolate Shoulders has a Beetlejuice head... when BJ has his head shrunken...


I am XI said...

OK! Where has Fisher been?! The vet came thru in a clutch...

OT? I may have called it.

XIKhai said...

YES! I've been saying that about CS for a minute. But he's not as bad as the dude who plays for I think Boston...looking for pic.

I am XI said...

But, like you said, the Lakers have that stamina to last thru OT. Hope Orlando can keep up because the Lakers are a "weathered" team. LMAO!

XIKhai said...

LMAO at Milk Dud shoulders...LOL! He's a chocolate wonder as well...just flawless skin.

XIKhai said...

Fisher is CLUTCH!

XIKhai said...

Can't believe the Magic fizzled out again in OT. They play so hard and so tough almost too tough while the Lakers coast then seemingly turn it on at the right times. Magic needs to learn how to pace themselves if they wanna win this...and now all the Lakers need is one more win. The fought hard though and are proving they're tough and belong in these finals. The East better be checking for them next season!

Aight girl g'night you know I've got to get up at 5. UGH!!!

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