Monday, June 8, 2009

Locked in!

Monday, June 8, 2009
OMG, OMG, OMG…we finally got our blog up! Kinda feels like arriving late to a very important party with important people and once YOU decide to drag your fashionably late ass up in there all of the important people are long gone and you’re left to talk to everybody else. So heyyyy everyone else…just kidding, LOL! But at least we made it…right? I think the most difficult part of blogging is creating your very first blog entry. What do you say...and with no real audience who are you saying it to? The pressure of making sure you introduce yourself to the blogosphere and your potential followers is enough to discourage anyone from blogging and comes after all of your hard work and opinions on everything…you have absolutely NOTHING TO SAY! How can this be? Because the fear of saying the wrong thing could be disastrous…I mean it could mean the difference between thousands of followers or hundreds (which I have to say…if we’re lucky enough to get one hundred people reading our opinions…I’d be happy) Now back to my hysterics!!! What if folks think you're corny or can't get with what you're blogging about? And the questions go on and on and on until you decide that blogging is only for really witty grammar Nazi’s who are so self absorbed that they’d rather write their own intellectual fodder than to respect the information given from the many well-known news organizations around the world. Which brings me to why I decided to blog…(hope you followed that!)

This entire concept came about from my incessant need to formulate opinions on any and everything and a desire to be heard. (See ‘intellectual fodder’) That idea and obsession became a reality when I realized that my BFF also shared in this neurotic behavior. So we set out to create our own reality based on our perspective. The two of us have your typical higher educational background, respectable jobs and blah blah blah…but there’s something out there we thought was missing or totally being ignored (or at the very least we’ve convinced ourselves that only we can deliver what it is we’re looking for in the best way so here we are.) Our blog will eventually evolve into a full fledged website (under construction so stay tuned) but for now we’re testing the waters to see how far we can take things, and to get some feedback from interacting with other people besides ourselves…

So if I’ve actually managed to intrigue the few people who are actually reading this…stay tuned as we fully introduce ourselves and get into this thing we call eXclusivity Inc.

Can’t wait for you to join us!

XIKhai & IamXI


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