Thursday, June 25, 2009

Keeping Up With the Joneses!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ok, XI fam, let’s switch channels from the hilariously funny shenanigans of Bridezillas on WeTV to tonight’s episode of the ‘tug on your heartstrings’ show, Wedding Day on TNT. Tonight’s episode features a couple that IamXI have had the privilege to get to know within the past year, Jaénelle and Nykolas Jones. Detroit natives, Jaénelle and Nyk, have known one another since grade school but didn’t begin dating until years later. The two quickly fell in love and became pregnant with their daughter, Anayah, in 2007. The couple decided to wed, but their wedding plans were put on hold when Jaénelle delivered early and Anayah was diagnosed with a non-functioning kidney. This prognosis was especially difficult for Jaénelle, a neo-natal intensive care nurse at Children’s Hospital. After Anayah’s risky surgery and mounting medical bills, the couple no longer had the funds for a big, elaborate wedding…

Enter creator Mark Burnett, Wedding Day producers, Anna Richardson and Exceptional Events (a premier wedding and event design company in Detroit), the Wedding Day co-hosts Alan Dunn (celebrity event planner, TLC's For Better or For Worse) and Diann Valentine (celebrity wedding designer), R&B singer Joe (who sang during the couple’s first dance), co-workers (who tipped Jaénelle off to a mass e-mail about Burnett's national search for engaged couples with a story to tell), and countless family members and friends who all assisted in making Jaénelle and Nyk’s day a VERY special one. They were wed on August 8, 2008 and their wedding was "beyond their dreams and so much more," says bridesmaid, Vi’Nessa Webster. Jaénelle and Nyk have not seen a preview episode of their nuptials yet. So, they will be viewing it for the first time with their entire wedding party, Anayah (who is great now and loves to dance & sing to the BEP’s "Boom Boom Pow"), their new baby girl Kennedy (born just this past Saturday), and the rest of America. Hope you have the Kleenex ready because this one will be a tearjerker with a few laughs…thanks to my dear friends, comedian Phil Newkirt, Doraine Swift, Vi’Nessa Webster, and Toi Webster.

I urge all of our fellow Xfactors to tune in to TNT, TONIGHT at 8pm eastern, to witness a compelling story about true friends who marry one another on the second episode of the Wedding Day. I know IamXI will be tuned in... I mean, who doesn't like a great love story with a fairytale ending? And hey, Detroit will be seen in a totally different light for once too!

Official eXclusive Sneak Peek!


XIKhai said...

Aww what a great story! Can't wait to tune in.

V-WeB said...

Thanks for sharing my friends' story XI, hope everyone had a chance to view "Wedding Day"....if not, you can catch the replay on TBS (not TNT) at 1pm!

V-WeB said...

i airs tomorrow, june 27th at 1pm on TBS!

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