Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Real Housewives of ATL Preview

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This isn't even my territory...and IamXi is going to kill me...but I had to post this when I saw it on TheYBF.com a few minutes ago LOL! THEY'RE BAAACK! The Real Housewives of ATL will be premiering July 30 at 10 pm. on Bravo and I will be there with bells on watching the foolery.

Here's a snippet of our favorite housewives. Nene and Dwight honey.

In the words of T.O. "Get ya popcorn ready!"


jj9919 said...

Yeahh!!! Can't wait for this to come back on! Between the Atl version and the New Jersey version and all their drama I will be popcorn ready on July 30. Ready to watch NeNe,Kim and the Dwight " I'm the fifth gay housewife" Ha !!!

I am XI said...

No, I'm not mad at all... Shoot! I'm glad that you posted it, that was HILARIOUS! Oh, I will DEFINITELY be awaiting the premiere of this one! LOL!

XIKhai said...

I heart Dwight! He cracks me up...

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