Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 – NBA “Pre” Draft Party

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday night’s draft party was held at Amalia restaurant and lounge in NYC. Unlike the “pre” NFL draft party held at M2 in NYC, this event was very organized. No long lines (well not when I got there), no pushing, no yelling, no 3 hour wait to figure out that there’s 28 lines and a crowd swarming the front and no one is getting in until after 1:00am although you killed yourself to get there by 10pm. Kudos to the event planners! Amalia is an elegant venue with silk wallpaper, glass chandeliers, backlit mosaic tiled stairs, and distressed brick walls. Dim the lights, break out the candles, turn up the music and it’s my kinda place!!!

This event was definitely a buffet for the men. By 11:30pm there was a nice crowd…..but mostly females. By 12:30am there was an even better crowd and the music was good, but again mostly females. Nothing wrong with the ladies, but something’s just not right when you’re at a nice event and the ratio of women to men is approximately 12:1. I know the “NBA” aspect brings the female crowd but don’t guys know they need to come too?? The ladies buy an outfit, get their hair done and go through all the prep work for the event. They all won’t snag an athlete! There should be a strong crew of guys plotting on those who just came to party, those who don’t make the cut, and those who aren’t bold enough to sneak into VIP. I’m not implying anything, just emphasizing the need for an equal playing field. Overall, it was a decent party. The real draft party is on Thursday. No, I won’t slip and say where so everyone can blame me when the door looks like feeding time at the zoo. But if the music is great, the drinks are flowing and the crowd looks good like on Tuesday night (just with a tad bit more males) then it might be worth going to work with little to no sleep and struggling to keep the bags of sand, I mean eyelids, open! Stay tuned….. If I actually make it there, I’ll fill you in on the details.


XIKhai said...

The tags alone are my dream come true. Exclusive events in NYC posted on the blog. Loves it!

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