Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twispiration: Faith!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Faith! Now there's a loaded word for you. Faith...that blind optimism...the belief in things unseen, the comfort of feeling that things with a purpose will work out for you. At least you hope they will....right? Look at you second guessing yourself already...

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence ~Helen Keller

Here's some wisdom from our Rev Run's twitter page.

"Good morning. Today is a blank canvas awaiting your command! Pay your past no never mind! Your future is spotless! I LUV that! Yippe! A NEW DAY!"

"The best thing you can do is accept the world as it is, THEN RISE ABOVE IT! Happiness lies in acceptance! Be strong! Push 2 make your life pop!" (The last line cracks me up...Push to make it Pop! I'll be using that one, LOL!)

"Want to be admired? Find a mate? People really drawn 2 you? Successful? NO-ONE can resist a man or woman on there job! Hard at work! Focused!" (So so true...if something else is driving you and taking up your attention it makes people wonder...why is he or she so focused on when they're not with me? Find your focus people!)

"Always remember this as you choose your crowd. Weak people make you weak! Choose wisely." (Are you familiar with the phrase "guilty by association"...the idea that if you hang around with losers that aren't doing nothing for themselves eventually others will see you as one of the losers too? Don't surround yourself with people who you don't want defining you.)

"There's something really cool about spontaneity! That intuitive move, regardless of what others think or say! U know u best!" (This one is my favorite of the month...people who don't take risk lead boring lives. Wake up press play, coast along, press pause, rewind, and start again by pressing play on the same mundane life. Mix it up! Get in the moment folks...)

Have a little faith in what life can bring you!

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