Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Special INTERCEPTED: Giants!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So mandatory mini camp for the New York Giants opened today and some surprising things unfolded on the field I hear. Here

Twitter is shaping up to be a real news source straight from the players themselves...and if you know me you know I follow them all.

Here are some of my favorites tweeps that keep fans informed as well as entertained.

Steven Jackson - St Louis Rams RB - good tweeter

Antonio Pierce - NY Giants LB - funny and informative tweeter

Kerry Rhodes - NY Jets S - pretty good tweeter

Champ Bailey - Denver Broncos CB - kinda quiet tweeter

Darren Sharper - Minnesota Vikings S - Look at him...who cares what he's tweeting. Ok sorry...he's a quiet twitter.

Sinorce Moss - NY Giants WR - great tweeter

Kevin Boss - NY Giants TE - pretty quiet tweeter

Larry Fitzgerald - Arizona Cardinals WR - great tweeter very engaging and talkative

Corey Webster - NY Giants CB - kinda new so we'll see

Jason Witten - Dallas Cowboys TE - pretty quiet tweeter...but I like Witten so he stays.

Randy Moss - New England Patriots WR - Doesn't get the concept of twitter or doesn't care...because he NEVER tweets.

Terrell Owens - Buffalo Bills WR - TO tweets for himself

I save my favorite tweeter for last Chad Ochocinco - Cincinnati Bengals WR - most entertaining tweeter by far.

If a player on your favorite team has a twitter account not listed here...let me know and I'll check them out and add them to my twathletes list.


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