Thursday, June 11, 2009


Thursday, June 11, 2009
UPDATE 8:45pm: We're up and ready to go folks! 15 mins to game time...Lakeshow!
UPDATE 8:55pm: *Praying I won't be in here talking to myself for the next 3 hours* LOL
UPDATE 9:04 pm: Loves the post-Lebron playoff run Lil Dez commercial.

UPDATE 9:12 pm: Chocolate shoulders came to play!

UPDATE 9:18 pm: As promised this thing is getting physical real quick. I love physical basket ball!

UPDATE 9:25 pm: Mental note live blogging is boring...when no one is here to cut up with you.

UPDATE 9:30 pm: Lakers are not shooting well at all...the entire team is gonna be in foul trouble before the 2nd qtr.

UPDATE 9:39 pm: Refs need to let them play! Damn!

UPDATE 9:41 pm: I feel like I'm watching The Replacements with all of these reserve players...WTF?!

UPDATE 9:45 pm: *crickets* I love XI but this is becoming painful!

UPDATE 9:53 pm: I'm so going to hell 4 this but what is that hanging from Tony Battie's mouth? I hope it's not a tooth...

UPDATE 9:55 pm: Because this is so painful to watch...I'm just gonna cut up, b/c I'm by myself in this piece. Doesn't Marcin Gortat look like "White Boy" from I Love NY & I Love Money. LOL!

UPDATE 10:05 pm: Even the LA coaches r in foul trouble. And Bynum true to form picks up a 3rd foul. This team is falling apart. And what kind of gum is Kobe jaw hurts looking at him.

UPDATE 10:22 pm: HALFTIME LAL: 37 ORL: 49 Maybe the Laker's left their offense in the locker room and are gonna retrieve it after the half. Lawdy this game is going well for Orlando.


I am XI said...

I'm here! Kobe always chews like that. LOL!

I am XI said...

Bout time for Orlando to show it and make this a real NBA Finals!

XIKhai said...

My mouf hurts looking at him man...and yeah this is a good game. Can't even front.

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