Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Intercepted: 4th and Long

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is a double post covering Weeks 5 & 6.

So after last weeks episode I was slightly irked at watching Steve "Speedy" Gonzales get eliminate. Especially when considering having to watch these "hobbit-esque" unimpressive DB's get burned every week. The drill was the "Jump Ball" challenge where the WR's had to go up and grab defended passes by the DB's. Andrew Hawkins continues to impress and as I've said before he's my pick to win it all. Hawkins is quick and has great hands...and while he's not the biggest guy on the field he makes plays everyt ime he touches the ball. Montrell Jones & Jesse Holley are extremely tough and physical WR's...and each week they just abuse the DB's. In the end however, although the overall performance of the DB's were clearly inferior to that of the WR's, during eliminations Speedy issued a challenge to the coaches to let the deciding factor of who went home play out on the field. And while he played well enough his competitor Ahmaad Smith defended one more play than Speedy could handle and wrote his ticket home. HUGE mistake imo to allow this guy go home over some of the other athletes, but a challenge is a challenge and Speedy lost, so he got cut.

In last nights episode (Week 6) there seemed to be a slight continuation of the sting the WR's were dealt when another one of their own was sent home. And fresh off of a last minute saving challenge the DB's were of course feeling cocky after keeping Smith. The first challenge was a Punt Drill series where the DB's racked up a measly 197 total yards and 0 TD's with 4 guys compared to the WR's who accumulated 304 yards and 2 TD's, one TD came after a fumble by Eddie Moten with only 3 guys left. Usually unimpressed, Irvin however decided it was time to break the players will and set up a Conditioning Drill set to go on until someone "gave up their jersey and quit." But after a grueling 5 hours of stairs, high lo's, tackling and various other challenges, everyone passed! And although the DB's were owned in the earlier challenge everyone fought through the test of wills earning a place in the first elimination free episode of the season. I respect anyone who can workout for 5 hours so I agreed with the decision of letting them all stay after what they'd accomplished.

This show never disappoints and week after week delivers another set of challenges that push these players to the limit. When this is all said and done no one will be able to say they didn't earn their spot with the Cowboys!

For the complete Week 5 episode click here. (Stupid embedding code isn't working properly)

And for clips from last night's Punt Drill click here.


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