Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What's in Store...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
So we've been working on lots of content to keep ourselves and this blog brimming with information, and we'd like to take this opportunity to give you a preview of things to look for!

Musing Over Macchiato's & Morning Papers is my column which will cover current events from top news networks all over the world. I am a certified NERD and I like sharing so I'm pulling some of the days tops news and headlines and getting your thoughts on them.

Intercepted! (get it...I'm trying to jack the "ball" code for the "platform" from the male dominated arena of sports) To reassure the fellas...this site is for you too! Intercepted is sports, mainly football and basketball, from my perspective as I tap into my inner "bruh" to deliver analysis and information and of course my opinions on what's happening in the world of sports. Nothing will be left out as this is one of my FAVORITE things to talk about.

Fashion forward news (name is coming)...who wants to read about ish after it has hit the store...NO THANK YOU! We're bringing what's hot before it's hot and what's NOT nor ever will be, on a consistent basis for men and women. Everyone wants to look good at all times...right?!

- The best thing about living the XI life is knowing who XI knows. And we know some of the brightest and best professionals in the field today. XTherapy will be our "Woo Saa" segment, where YOU get to ask our resident and BOARD CERTIFIED therapist any and everything that's on your mind. Mom's an alcoholic ask the Xtherapist how to cope with it, Dad's dating your best friend ask the Xtherapist how to cut that chick off without ruining your life and not kill your dad in the process. Wanna get out of a toxic relationship or friendship ask our Xtherapist and she'll walk you through all of it. No subject is off limits no issue is taboo!

Twitspiration - From time to time we read updates from "tweeple" we follow on Twitter that we have to share and share we will with you.

Word of the day: Like everything else we have what we call our own form of communication that we want to share with you. Follow the words and incorporate them into your every vocabulary, outside of the office of course, and you'll be speaking "chic" in no time!

XI Healthy You is where Healthy and Fitness information will be discussed at least once a week. I'll be sharing my stories from boot camp "BC Diaries" and my organic eating lifestyle...yes I'm one of "those" people with all of you. And I want you to do the same! There's nothing more eXclusive than looking and feeling great at all times.

XI U (eXclusivity, Inc. University) -
We're no experts but we can offer you help on many issues. XI U is our version of online education and teaching. We've learned a lot over the years and we want to share it with you if we can. So if you need legal questions answered I'm your girl. If you have business related questions IamXI has you covered with her MBA; and what we don't know we'll find out from our many many contacts in the financial, medical & various other fields.

Entertainment News & Events: Did you know that the Real Housewives is coming to DC...or that BET is thinking of picking up The Game? Well that's the kind of entertainment we'd like to share with you. TV shows, movies, charity events & award shows are all covered, maybe even live blogged, on XI. Stay tuned!

And finally...our most important feature will be given to us directly from you our readers. We're spotlighting a reader or someone of our choosing once a month. (In a section to be named very soon) We want YOUR stories people on everything. Success and failure, if you have a business we want to promote it, if you have a story that you want told we're going to tell it if we believe it to be beneficial to you and our readers. People working in their communities and making a difference in their own world are our favorites. We want to inspire the world with your help.

So we hope that you come back daily and read our work and offer us plenty of content and feedback for the site. We really want to hear from you!

XIXI (yeah we've changed xoxo's to xixi's, so hugs and eXclusives...LOL!)


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