Monday, June 8, 2009

If you have the X factor... Welcome to our movement...

Monday, June 8, 2009
We have "it"… the "X factor" that everyone seems to talk about. We have that certain "Je ne sais quoi" that makes us stand out from all the rest. That thing that you can’t quite put your finger on, but you just know you like it more because of it. Well, that’s what eXclusivity, Inc. is…we put the "X" in eXclusive. It’s news, fashion, health, fitness, entertainment, sports (just to name a few) done the eXclusive way. We’re part blog / online publication with all eXclusive material. Our goal is to present fresh, relevant, and enlightening information at all times.

We believe that we are like most 20-something women. However, we feel like the good side, the driven side of positive women is something that is being ignored right now. So we're trying to tap into the young, educated career-oriented women with purpose. Our site won't be dedicated to gossip and tabloidy issues. While we both read some variation of such sites on occasion and RESPECT what they do, we are not them. We are not in this to make enemies; we want to gain allies and credibility of our own. We're trying to share our purpose in something like a mirror image of our everyday lives through our website. Since we're still a work in progress ourselves we'd like to share our growth and get other women to share theirs with us online as well. Our site will be a reflection of our personal lives and the lives of many other women like us. We really want to make being quality women popular again. We're trying to be a voice right now for ourselves and many others. Our approach is different and we believe our appeal will be infectious as others begin to visit our site.

We’re young, educated, women with a purpose. And that purpose is reflected in everything that we do and say. Now, we’re here to share our purpose and we hope that it reaches those out there who have been voiceless for so long. We’re the Cosby Show, with a little bit of A Different World, meets Sex and the City, sprinkled in some Girlfriends and a dash of Daddy’s Girls….and you have eXclusivity, Inc. In that is exactly what defines both of us: family, education, power career & class, friends, and finally self-discovery…which produces "The Grown Women Movement" we’re on.

We're a new voice in the game, and we will be heard!

Feel free to comment if you want to be heard... ;-)


Gurle Gurls said...

That's great girl...wonder who'll join us? XI's in the BUILDING!

I am XI said...

YAY! I wonder...I guess we'll have to wait and see. We are definitely building our empire!

Who gave us a platform to chop it up about everything under the sun?! LOL!

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