Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Intercepted: 4th and Long

Wednesday, June 10, 2009
So Spike TV is the latest media outlet that has agreed to giving the Dallas Cowboys a show. Click here & here for proof. I'm not hating I'm just saying they get a lot of media attention...

I would however be lying if I didn’t admit that this show is by far one of my favorite shows on television right now. I can’t get enough of the hard hits and warrior-like mentality of these guys…it’s like watching 300 with pads. The show has the perfect balance of offense vs. defense with 6 WR’s (Andrew Hawkins *my pick to win*, Steve Gonzalez, Jesse Holley, Montrell Jones *freak of nature with the physical toughness of a bull*, Luke Swan & Preston McGann) & 6 DB’s (Donte Gamble, Eddie Moten, Ahmaad Smith, Moses Washington, Erick Jackson & Stephen Andrews) all competing for a spot on the roster of “America’s Team” (My Giants bretheren are gonna kill me for that one, lol)

So far 2 WR’s (Preston McGann & Luke Swann) and 2 DB’s (Stephen Andrews & Erick Jackson) have been eliminated over 4 episodes. Jackson’s elimination was a complete surprise to me. But it’s clear that Irving has more love for his fellow WR’s, as it visibly pains him to let any one of them go from week to week.

4th and Long continues to deliver week after week however, with endless drills and grueling practices for both teams.

Week 1 left viewers nauseous from all of the vomit the men left on the field after 2 a days and what seemed like 24 hours worth of drills.

In Week 2 Irving set the guys up on a nasty mud filled field seeping with rain while the DB’s had their way with striping the ball from the WR’s. Not a good week for the WR’s at all.

During Week 3 we actually were able to see a complete scrimmage game with arena and college players where the WR’s made up for their poor performance from the week before and exposed a very cocky defense. Confidence in such a physical sport can be both a gift and a curse…you don’t get points for yesterday’s game and the DB’s were terrible when it counted most.

And in week 4…I think we witnessed the best action yet with the simulated 2 minute drill, which all fans of football know, love and respect. The 2 minute drill can make or break games in the NFL, and knowing how to execute one or stop it is key!

Overall this show continues to impress me and is one of the best sports reality TV shows out right now. So tune into Spike TV every Monday night at 10 pm ET for new episodes and come back and tell me what you think!


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